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A decision has been made to not keep this updated, at this time.  We encourage dialogue on the Forums.

Thinking through arrangement -- with least amount of "bookkeeping."

  • Chrono is easy to maintain, but less helpful to the users.

By month and year: discussions in meetings and forum threads

  • Topical is most effective for users, but harder to maintain.

Decisions and discussion summaries by topic

What if the responsibility for the Chrono is one person (such as Wilma at the moment), and "interested parties" are assigned to maintain one section of the topical?

  • How can we build accountability--and assurance that this maintenance is done?
  • Should we suggest that users browse the chrono as well?

I will proceed to build the chronological and confer with Jane and Janell about the topical. AdkinsWH 18:21, 2 March 2011 (UTC)