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Purpose of the FamilySearch Wiki Governance Council
[edit | edit source]

The Wiki Governance Council has oversight for the direction and management of the FamilySearch Wiki, including over the Wiki Community Council. The purpose of the Wiki Governance Council is to facilitate a valuable and productive experience for all Wiki users.

Responsibilities of the FamilySearch Wiki Governance Council [edit | edit source]

Responsibilities of the council include:

  • Direct and oversee all Wiki policies, processes, programs, and projects
  • Coordinate with FamilySearch divisions that utilize the Wiki (Indexing, BYU-Idaho, Historical Records, Office of the Chief Genealogical Officer, etc.)
  • Define Community Council role and purpose, and collaborate with the council
  • Oversee Wiki content and strategy
  • Resolve user problems with the Wiki
  • Strive to improve structure, functions, features, and style of the Wiki
  • Enhance the training experience for new Wiki contributors
  • Clarify Wiki governance issues
  • Search for ways in which to increase community support and leadership
  • Administer the volunteer experience
  • Advocate for the Wiki to FamilySearch and serve as an intermediary between the Wiki community and FamilySearch management

FamilySearch Wiki Governance Council [edit | edit source]

Dorothy Horan – Chair

Danielle Batson – Vice Chair

Baerbel Johnson - Member

Caleb Love - Member

Lisa McBride - Member

Sylvie Pysnak - Member

Teri Brown – Community Council Representative

Jane Colmenares – Community Council Representative

Governance Council Communication[edit | edit source]

The Community Council is the voice for community regarding policies, guidelines or procedures and is the liaison with the Community and the Governance Council. For any recommendations or questions, please email the Community Council at: