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The FamilySearch Research Wiki Manual of Style states that the following colored buttons can be used on the FamilySearch Wiki. The reason for the limitation is to remain branded with the FamilySearch website. These colors are FamilySearch branded colors.

Buttons Already Assigned[edit | edit source]

The following buttons have already been assigned to specific Wiki pages or websites and cannot be used on other Wiki pages for any other use.

Online Genealogy Records Wiki Pages[edit | edit source]

Ask the Community Button[edit | edit source]

Buttons Available to Use[edit | edit source]

The following buttons can be used on relevant Wiki pages. This can include:

Copy the wikitext listed under the colored button and replace the words, "Other Links" with the link and wording you need to appear on the button. For an external link it would be: [URL Wording on button]. You can also do an internal link using the double square brackets.

Wikitext code:
<div><span class="green_online_button">[[Other Link]]</span></div>

Wikitext code:
<div><span class="red_online_button">[[Other Link]]</span></div>

Wikitext code:
<div><span class="brown_online_button">[[Other Link]]</span></div>

Wikitext code:
<div><span class="orange_online_button">[[Other Link]]</span></div>

Wikitext code:
<div><span class="gray_online_button">[[Other Link]]</span></div>