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Click to join the meeting, 9:00–10:00 a.m. Wednesdays (Mountain). Meeting ID: 6804, click Attend Meeting, Sign in as a Guest (preferably with your name). (Further instructions under the label Join the meeting)

Welcome! Make a difference! Add your voice to the Utah Wiki Project.

Join with other Utah project participants to see progress, to share ideas, and to get news and training. Please add items to the agenda before or bring them up during the conversation.
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Agenda[edit | edit source]


Anyone new to this meeting?

Kudos go to...

  • Liz Snow. She went the extra mile in getting the ACPL information so we could link to each topic under each county.
  • Joy Bogar. She has been researching all the codes to make a great table, psychology of colors, and so much more.

News and Events[edit | edit source]

Review of last meeting[edit | edit source]

  • Two meetings ago, someone suggested that the Catalog to Allen County Public Library should be linked to the county pages as well as the FHL links.
    • Last meeting, Liz Snow volunteered to check out their catalog, so it can be linked from each county and also from each topic within the county. Thanks, Liz!

Idea share[edit | edit source]

  • Top of County experimental page: How can we improve it, to be more inviting, informative, and effective? What still needs to be done, before we can go forward with this on each county page? Comments from the meeting:
    • Overall: everyone liked it. One was concerned that the table of contents was too large and the maps were lost, but we realized my page was enlarged to almost 200% and inhibiting the real view.
    • Colors: OK. One liked the gold for the highlighted sources.
    • Border:liked the heavy border around the table.
    • Wording: the third section was called "Records in the spotlight" During the meeting this was changed to "Remember these collections"
    • Information in each section: Top two OK. Third section: remove word "statewide" since they were all Utah collections. Suggested that both the State of Utah and the FamilySearch death certificates be linked. Also, perhaps a link to the Utah Vital Records#Death be made in that section. (Wilma will try to word this so it all still takes only 2 lines) Perhaps the word (more) linked to the appropriate place. AdkinsWH 04:25, 8 February 2012 (UTC) Done
    • Remember these collections needs to have room for unique and important county collections. AdkinsWH 04:25, 8 February 2012 (UTC) Notice the LOC link to Beaver newspapers
    • Needed for rollout: Dates for the top section will need to be adapted. Parent and neighboring counties will have to be copied (they exist already in every county). Each county will need to have headings for Birth, Marriage, and Death added, if they are not already there.
      • Some will done generically such as links in the top section will probably change automatically with the PAGENAME template.
  • Links to FHL and Allen County Public Library catalogs. See different looks, adapt. Discuss this before we implement everywhere. Decisions from meeting:
    • Since the link to the county results in a random list of items, and not a list of topics, it won't serve users to have a link to the county for the ACPL catalog. The person doing the task will need to go to the county and make a list of topics the entries will fit, then put ACPL links under each of those topics. Similar to the FHLC links, except that the person will need to make that topic list themselves.
    • Having a link under Libraries in each county seems not right. Link instead to the state page where all of these are listed.
    • Include Public Lib, DUP, SUP, others in the county, (WA: get the list from the experimental county page) and then send them to the state page, where they can do their own searching.
    • WorldCat was also discussed. Liz Snow will check if it includes public libraries, which would be more useful to many of our users than only university libraries. We will need to teach them effective searching if it is listed.
  • Additional item from the meeting: Create a "TO DO" page or a "parking lot" for ideas. Example, Patsy said a study needs to be made to see if Wayne County is under-reported in utah death certificates. We'll have lots of things like this that come up, we need a place to preserve the ideas until they can be implemented.

Future meetings[edit | edit source]

Meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m.

Next week:

  • Finish discussion about top of county pages
  • Finalize the catalog links area so a task can be created
  • Colored labels for sections

To discuss soon:

  • Vital records setup: making ready for items to be entered
  • Cemetery records
  • Church records