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Policy Pages[edit | edit source]

Governance[edit | edit source]

Governance is about how decisions are made, how policies and guidelines are agreed upon, and what to do when those policies are broken. Wikipedia has some solid procedures surrounding this and can be found in the article How Community Governs Wikipedia.

The Dispute resolution process documentation will guide the support teams in managing issues that arise in the wiki. Basically the effort should be viewed as 80% preventative and 20% repair.

Preventative Measures[edit | edit source]

Repair Measures[edit | edit source]

Special Pages[edit | edit source]

Main article: FamilySearch Wiki:Special pages

All the pages listed on Special pages is something that needs to be addressed by tier two, three, or both. Understanding each special page, it's purpose, and usage is critical for both tiers of support. We begin by identifying the Help content that will assist both tiers in their understanding of special pages and also a description of each special page along with identifying which support team will be directly involved in reporting the status:

Further information: Help:Special pages