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This project has been started to better organize and categorize stubs and stub categories. This page and its subpages contain suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other contributors. Everyone is welcome to help; for more information please inquire on the talk page.

Project goals[edit | edit source]

This WikiProject aims primarily to sort stubs, meaning to classify stubs into smaller groupings. The project has the following aims:

  1. Ensure better categorization of stubs
  2. Ensure that stubs are sorted as uniformly as possible
  3. Aim to keep categories at moderate sizes
  4. Maintain stub categories and templates
  5. Ensure that any new stub categories and templates are reasonable, usable, and useful

Why is stub sorting important?[edit | edit source]

Stub articles are generally short, graded as a stub on the article assessment quality scale, or both. If they are not sorted, then it means they are less likely to be edited to higher quality as nobody necessarily knows the page is in need of attention. Even if a page is sorted into a category indicating it is in need of attention, such as the articles needing a FamilySearch Wiki:Cleanup, it is still not as good as putting it in a stub category. This is because stub categories attract experts in specific areas, whereas generic cleanup and deadend categories do not.

Parentage[edit | edit source]

Structure[edit | edit source]

See FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types for more information on existing stub types.

Guidelines and criteria[edit | edit source]

  • To see the current guidelines and other information on stub sorting and stubs in general, see: FamilySearch Wiki:Stub.

Participants[edit | edit source]

Users that would like to be involved in this project are invited to add the project userbox to their user page by typing {{User WikiProject Stub sorting}}. By doing so their names will be added to Category:WikiProject Stub sorting participants.

Stub sorting methods[edit | edit source]

General rules[edit | edit source]

  • To put an article into a stub category, if it is an Idaho stub for example, change the existing stub tag (if it exists) from {{stub}} to {{idaho-stub}}.
  • Never subst stub templates.
  • When sorted leave an edit summary like this: Stub-sorting. [[FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Stub sorting|You can help!]]
  • It is common practice to put the tag at the very bottom of the article, after all other templates and often after the categories.
  • No stub article should sit in only a stub category as this association is meant to be temporary. If no other category is listed, please add the standard article category that is the parent of the stub category.
  • Please remember to use the list of stub categories to make sure you are putting stubs in the correct category.
  • If the article is no longer a stub, remove the stub template. Refer to FamilySearch Wiki:Stub for more information on this matter.
  • If it interests you, consider checking talk pages of stub articles to see whether they've been tagged by some appropriate WikiProject. Adding a suitable project banner to a stub's talk page can help bring it to the attention of the right editors more quickly.

Things to do[edit | edit source]

  • Category:Stubs frequently reaches staggeringly large numbers; help is always needed sorting articles into more specific sub-stub categories.
  • All other stub categories need watching as well, to sort out mislabeled stubs and subsort them further, if applicable.
  • Stubs without any stub tags can be found on Special:Shortpages, Special:Newpages or Special:Randompage.
  • If a large (> 800 stubs) stub subcategory interests you and there aren't yet any subcategories in it, propose some subcategories on the project talk page.