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Countries[edit | edit source]

Locality Spreadsheet

Link to Online Record Page Your Name Date Completed
Canada Canada Online Records kgm 5/18/15
Czech Czech Online Records kgm 5/18/15
England England Online Records kgm 5/18/15
France France Online Records       N/A
Hungary Hungary Online Records       N/A
Lithuania Lithuania Online Records       N/A
Nordic Nordic Online Records kgm 5/18/15
Norway Norway Online Records kgm 5/18/15
Poland Poland Online Records N/A
Slovakia Slovakia Online Records N/A
Sweden Sweden Online Records kgm 5/18/15
Ukraine Ukraine Online Records N/A N/A
United States United States Online Records N/A N/A


United States Records[edit | edit source]

Spreadsheet Link to Online Record Page Your Name Date Completed
African American African American Records N/A
American Indian American Indian Records kgm 5/18/15
US Military Military Records        N/A
US Immigration Immigration Records kgm 5/18/15
US Naturalization Naturalization Records N/A      N/A

United States State Records[edit | edit source]

Locality Spreadsheet Link to Online Record Page Your Name Date Completed
Alabama AAlabama       N/A       N/A
Alaska Alaska kgm 5/19/15
Arizona Arizona      N/A       N/A
Arkansas Arkansas      N/A        N/A
California California kgm 5/19/15
Colorado Colorado       N/A        N/A
Connecticut Connecticut kgm 5/19/15
Delaware Delaware      N/A       N/A
Florida Florida       N/A      N/A
Georgia Georgia kgm 5/19/15
Hawaii Hawaii kgm 5/19/15
Idaho Idaho      N/A      N/A
Illinois Illinois     N/A       N/A
Indiana Indiana kgm 5/19/15
Iowa Iowa kgm 5/19/15
Kansas Kansas kgm 5/19/15
Kentucky Kentucky kgm 5/19/15
Louisiana Louisiana kgm 5/19/15
Maine Maine kgm 5/19/15
Maryland Maryland kgm 5/19/15
Massachusetts Massachusetts      N/A       N/A
Michigan Michigan      N/A     N/A
Minnesota Minnesota     N/A      N/A
Missouri Missouri kgm 5/19/15
Montana Montana kgm 5/19/15
Nebraska Nebraska kgm 5/19/15
Nevada Nevada kgm 5/19/15
New Hampshire New Hampshire kgm 5/19/15
New Jersey New Jersey    N/A     N/A
New Mexico New Mexico     N/A     N/A
New York New York     N/A     N/A
North Carolina North Carolina     N/A     N/A
North Dakota North Dakota     N/A      N/A
Ohio Ohio    N/A     N/A
Oklahoma Oklahoma     N/A     N/A
Oregon Oregon kgm 5/20/15
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania      N/A     N/A
Rhode Island Rhode Island kgm 5/20/15
South Carolina South Carolina     N/A      N/A
South Dakota South Dakota     N/A      N/A
Tennessee Tennessee    N/A      N/A
Texas Texas    N/A      N/A
Utah Utah kgm 5/20/15
Vermont Vermont     N/A    N/A
Virginia Virginia kgm 5/20/15
Washington Washington kgm 5/20/15
West Virginia West Virginia kgm 5/20/15
Wisconson Wisconsin kgm 5/20/15
Wyoming Wyoming N/A N/A