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Purpose[edit | edit source]

To locate wiki article lost articles in the wiki.

Contact[edit | edit source]


Task List[edit | edit source]

Task List

Instructions[edit | edit source]

1. Go to the Task List and sign up for a country.

2. Type in the country from the list in the search field of the wiki

3. On the page of results, go down to the bottom of the page and click on “500” so it will list 500 results


a. Disregard:
i. Any Family History Centers in the country – we are focusing on articles about genealogy resources about the country.
ii. Any articles that have (FamilySearch Historical Records) in the title of the article
iii. Locality only pages – if it does not have a topic mentioned in the title, just avoid it. For example, you would NOT look at, Hakkaido Region, Japan.
b. If there are specific articles that are for jurisdictions smaller than the country, please review these as well. For example, if you typed in Malaysia and found an article called, The Ancestral Tablets of Penang, Malaysia, please still review this article and note it on the chart.

5. Go through the list and click on each applicable article regarding the country (or it’s smaller jurisdictions) and a resource. For example, Malaysia language and Languages.

6. After clicking on the article review the page:

a. Go to the bottom of the page and under, Toolbox on the purple bar, click on “What links here”
b. Review the list to see if the country page is listed. If it is NOT listed, copy the URL of the article and paste it on the Google doc. See instructions below.
c. If the country page is listed, move on to the next article.

7. Continue to go through the search results until the name of the country no longer is appearing in the title of the articles.

Filling out Google doc[edit | edit source]

Google doc

The purpose of the Google doc is to collect articles for a country that may need to be linked to the country page. There may be many articles about a country but they may not be general enough to put on the country page. Adding them to this list can help us add links to Country Topic pages and help get more people to these articles.

1. Fill out the columns of the Google doc:

a. Column A: put in the name of the country
b. Column B: if it is for a specific state, province, town, etc. put the name of the jurisdiction here.
c. Column C: Put in the URL of the wiki article
d. Column D: put in topic this article is about, if it is an article about a church in the country, put, Church Records in the column.
e. Column E: Put if there is a breadcrumb or not: Yes or no
f. Column F: if there is a breadcrumb, copy and paste that breadcrumb here