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FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Feedback/Newbies Priorities

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Thank you for adding your feedback! Our goal is to make a friendly, welcoming place that is easy to use and make contributions. Please post your top priorities in making the wiki easier for new users and contributors to use. You are welcome to comment on Challenges Facing New Users and What New Users and Contributors Want to Make Wiki Easier. Kara aka CK Whipple 17:16, 5 November 2009 (UTC)

First priority here:

Navigation on left

1. Navigation should be moved to the left side. On many computers you have to scroll to the right to find it. People I have helped didn't know where it was until I told them to scroll over. People read from left to right. Wikipedia and FamilySearch both have left navigation.

2. Where is the 'creative' team? A real Home Page is needed to attract people to this web-site. Put buttons on there that help people navigate or find instructions on how to input their own information. In English please and not computerese! Also a 'contact' button where people can sent e-mails and have them answered!

3. For every country have a file where people can put copies of pictures in (plus the link where it was taken from), so that when they want to add a picture they can go to that file and copy and paste it instead of having to follow so many steps to add a picture - that will also assure that people can check on the copyright of that picture.

4. Columns - an absolute nightmare!!!

5. Why 'wiki-text' and not just the 'copy and paste' possibility?

6. Don't like it that I constantly have to save my contributions as otherwise I will lose what I may have worked on for hours. What I put in should stay there till I say 'Save'

7. Provide good training.

8. Nail down the geographic names policy. Small to large or reverse? Also where does the topic go? Is it Cemeteries Queensland, Australia or Queensland, Australia Cemeteries?


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Second Priority here:

1. When you minimize your screen on your monitor, the navigation on the right side of the page (or anything that is on that side) should not disappear to the bottom of the screen where people can't find it

2. Clearly explain to users how to best provide input/feedback/discussion.




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Third Priority here:

1. Listen to more everyday users and respond to our input so that the wiki will be a more welcoming environment for potential contributors.





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