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About[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch Wiki Historical Records is an ongoing project to describe the historical record collections published online at As new collections are prepared for publication, articles are written describing the overall collections and the records available in them. These articles include basic information about the collection, instructions on how to effectively search the records, and other helpful information.

How You Can Help[edit | edit source]

Project Contributors[edit | edit source]

The User Guidance unit welcomes contributions to the FamilySearch Historical Records articles. Like all articles in the FamilySearch Wiki, these articles are not only meant to be used by patrons for research purposes, but are also available for patrons to contribute when they have a working knowledge of the locality or record type.

How to Get Started[edit | edit source]

The following articles will help you get started with various aspects of working on a wiki article.

Style Guide[edit | edit source]

These articles are written at a basic level for beginning users. Guidelines for Articles explains how to create and edit content for the wiki articles. Please review it carefully before contributing to the project. Any questions concerning the guidelines can be posted on the Guidelines for FamilySearch Collections Talk page.

Project Box[edit | edit source]

A project box has been created for those participating in this project. The purpose of this box is to show your participation in the project as well as aggregate the names of all contributors into an easily searchable list. This box can be added to your profile page by using the "Insert/Edit Template" tool TemplateSymbolInRichEditor.png, switching to the "Manual" tab and selecting "Template:Userboxhistoricalproject" from the drop-down menu. (Without using the rich text editor, the box can be added by including "{{Userboxhistoricalproject}}" in the wiki code.)

Thank you for all your help and contributions to this project.

Who Are User Guidance?[edit | edit source]

This project is overseen by the FamilySearch Research Wiki User Guidance unit. Members of the team are responsible for creating and monitoring Historical Records articles.