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A wiki barn raising is a short, focused community effort to create or revise content relating to a single topic such as "genealogical research in Fairfield, Utah County, Utah." 

The following tasks need to be completed. Please volunteer to complete one or more tasks by adding your name to this list. Before you can add your name to the list below, you must register.

After you have registered, log in to the Wiki, and while on this page, click the "Edit" option located in the page options box to the right. This will open the "Editing" window. Insert three tildes (~~~) in the 'sign up...' column (the third column below) across from the task you wish to help.

Go down to the bottom of the editing page, and click 'Save Page', to save your changes. More than one person may sign up to work on a given task. Those that sign up for a task can communicate with each other on what they are doing by clicking on the user's name and editing that user's Talk page.

Headings that prompt us to include a complete set of information in an article can be found at FamilySearch Wiki:Headings for Articles about Records.

Task Description Notes Sign up by inserting 3 tildes (~~~) No. of edits since 1 January

% Done

American Indians Basic article has been written. Some notes and links still need to be added. Complete as far as this sprint is concerned. More to be researched and added later.
Jbparker 12 75%
Archives and Libraries Hey gang, I dunno about you, but if I were Kim, I'd have no clue what to do with the Archives and Libraries page. Can anybody add some ideas on its Talk page? Kimleavitt
Bible Records  



4 10%
46 95%


Oliver joyce

36 85%
Church Records

4 5%
Court Records

8 75%



16 25%
Emigration and Immigration

19 40%
11 20%

3 2%
4 5%
Land and Property

1 1%
48 48%
Military Records
90 (Wow!) 100%


17 15%
Native Races This links to American Indians. See notes under that topic.
User:Jbparker [[User:KathleenOlsen42054]]  12 100%
Naturalization and Citizenship  


9 10%
Ritcheymt 1 75%
Harrisonjb 1 0%
Probate Records
  2 2%
Public Records
  1 0%
10 100%
Hardestypn 1 35%
Vital Records




Simple tasks[edit | edit source]

Potentially, a large number of missionaries at Church Headquarters and volunteers in the community are available to do simple tasks that support the writing of articles. This is the place to list and/or volunteer for those tasks! If you're a writer, here's where you can get some help. If you're a missionary or community member, here's where you can give some!

Task Description Notes Sign up by inserting 3 tildes (~~~)

% Done

Add data to the table on Maryland County Creation Dates and Parent Counties Model the page after Pennsylvania_County_Creation_Dates_and_Parent_Counties. You can get all the info. for Maryland counties from the Family History Library Catalog by doing a Place Search on the county. You can get a list of Maryland counties by doing a Place Search on Maryland and then clicking Related Places. The whole task should take only a couple hours.
Add links from topics and counties above to their corresponding wiki pages. This will help users and leaders keep tabs on progress as January unfolds.     100% 
Find sources of Maryland maps online. Ritcheymt (Michael Ritchey) would LOVE help from as many volunteers as possible finding Websites that have good Maryland map collections. Please contact Ritcheymt for details. Garysturn

Add Maryland News & Events The Maryland genealogical community needs volunteers to find genealogical news and events that relate to Maryland and link to them from the News and Events section of the Maryland Page. For ideas on where to find news items, see Finding Genealogy News and Events within the United States. Molliewog 100%
Add to the Did You Know section of the Maryland page The Did You Know section of the Maryland Page is meant to lead users to the best, latest wiki articles and Web sites for Maryland research. This list changes continually like the Did You Know section on WikiPedia's home page.    
Link to data sets in record search. Go here for a description of the project.   DebbieBurnett   
Link from Maryland pages to the major U.S. data sites. To know which sites to include, the writer may refer to David Dilts' Major Databases for Beginning United States Research.    
Link wiki to digitized books in the BYU Family History Archive. Go here for a description of the project.    Jbillings   
Copy and paste record content bullet lists from Maryland

This is a note to Ritcheymt that RDhill would like some instructions on this task.

RG and SG contain bullet lists which mention the types of information that can be gleaned from each type of U.S. records. Example: The What you are looking for section of the Research Guidance page "Alabama Census

Need someone to act as a Maryland news and events "reporter" (also have him/her do the Did You Know section of the Maryland Page) To help authors do this task more easily use Finding Genealogy News and Events within the United States.