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Welcome aboard! We're glad you wish to help develop the FamilySearch Wiki, and hope you enjoy participating in its community as much as we do. There are some resources set forth below to help you get started. Good luck and have fun! -- The FamilySearch Wiki Welcoming Committee

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Researching in the Wiki: Where do I start?
[edit | edit source]

The Wiki home page has been re-designed to help with links to various areas of interest for anyone who is interested in genealogy as a researcher, beginner, contributor. Check out the links there.

Learning how to contribute to the Wiki?[edit | edit source]

Contributor Help is a great place to get started. You'll see links to pages that will help you with editing, images, creating pages, wiki basics, and more.

Want to talk to someone directly? Check the Questions page to learn where to go to get one-on-one assistance.

If you get stuck, the following people have volunteered to give you a helping hand learning the ropes:

You don't need great technical skills to contribute to the wiki. Be bold in contributing and assume good faith for the intentions of others. This is a wiki - have fun with it.

Talk to other Contributors[edit | edit source]

Talk pages are there to help you communicate with other contributors. Edit a talk page and add some notes to it to share what you think about the main article page.

Tip: Sign your name on talk pages by adding four tildes (~~~~) after your question; this will automatically add your username and the time to the information you typed, helping everyone to communicate better.