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The Group we call Wiki Support has many roles but the main one is to keep the Wiki Clean. So Special pages have been created to help us and others understand the need for the Team to use these pages. The Main Hub for these pages is in the Navigation bar on the right of this page under Wiki Support. We will be introducing many of these items and many of these pages will be covered in more detail in the future.

Our Support Team[edit | edit source]

1:Support existing volunteers
2:Welcoming and helping new volunteers
3:Supporting international wikis

Support Team Members and Groups[edit | edit source]

Members of the Teams These are the main Teams we work with in the Wiki.

What is a FamilySearch Wiki Support Missionary[edit | edit source]

The Wiki Support Team has as a goal to keep the Family Search Wiki orderly, useful and up to date. There are many duties that help us support the Wiki. The following are some of the major duties of the Support Team.

  • Check all new additions to the Wiki, and all the new additions to pages.
  • Answer questions from patrons, contributors and other missionaries and volunteers.
  • Review, edit and organize many pages, files, images, talk pages, categories, and templates to keep them up to date and clean of non-research materials.
  • Teach new missionaries, each other and other groups about the Wiki.
  • Create, organize, and complete projects that improve the order of the Wiki.
  • Work as a team to discuss ways to help improve the Wiki.

Look at the schedule for the Support Missionaries To_Do_as_Scheduled

The Process We use to Complete our Duties[edit | edit source]

The duties to keep the Wiki Clean are covered by the checking of all New Pages and All Recent Changes, plus the checking of Maintenance Pages, and Specific Projects that improve specific items within the Wiki. We also assist the patrons by answering questions and offering training.

  1. We look at and review all contents in the New Pages, Talk Pages and Recent Changes pages.
  2. Special pages help us review what is changing in the Wiki. Each week these are reviewed before a report is completed plus there are individuals who work weekly on specific pages within this report. Maintenance Pages
  3. We Answer Questions of patrons on Saleforce and on the Talk Pages in the Wiki. We can also use the link to the Users email only found on the Users talk page under Toolbox in the Navigation bar.
  4. Our projects are sometimes for the whole group, sometimes specific for several in the group and some are for one specific individual in the group.

Special Pages for Your Reference[edit | edit source]

  • The Support Center This support Hub has the following to assist the Team in finding information, learning how to do our jobs on the Wiki and answering questions from patrons.

Wiki Pages to Keep and Use[edit | edit source]

A Great Resource[edit | edit source]

Lee Drew is a former Team Lead for the Wiki Support Group. He created a GREAT sandbox in which he placed many of the items we use in the wiki and how to use them. You may not need these now but in the future you will be very glad to have it. Please do not edit this page.

Homework[edit | edit source]

Recording[edit | edit source]

Teacher's Page[edit | edit source]

Teacher's Tips