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All the pages listed on Special pages are items that need to be addressed by tier two support, tier three support, or both.

Further information: FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Support

Understanding each special page, its purpose, and usage is critical for both tiers of support. We begin by identifying the Help content that will assist both tiers in their understanding of special pages and also a description of each special page along with identifying which support team will be directly involved in reporting the status:

Maintenance reports[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
Broken redirects x
Redirects link to non-existent pages
Dead-end pages x
Pages do not link to other pages in FamilySearch Wiki
Double redirects x
Pages which redirect to other redirect pages
Long pages

List of pages that contain the most characters. Therefore these page are candidates for review, perhaps the page could be split into two or more pages. Any section that is very detailed could be split off, leaving a summary and link in the original page.
Oldest pages

List pages that were last edited the furthest in the past. Therefore these pages are candidates for review to ensure they provide information that is up to date.
Orphaned pages x
Pages are not linked from or transcluded into other pages in FamilySearch Wiki
Pages with the fewest revisions

Pages without language links

Pages do not link to other language versions. In the future when there are more language FamilySearch Wikis, this report will be critical
Protected pages x
Why are the pages protected? Refer to the policies and guidelines for protecting pages
Protected titles

This feature has never been implemented and is currently not understood or documented
Short pages x
This report might lead to pages that need to be merged, deleted, or ?
Uncategorized categories x
All pages in the wiki, included pages in all namespace should be categorized. Determining a process for categorizing the category pages is a project that has been on the maintenance backlog for a long time
Uncategorized files x
Images, PDFs, scanned documents, etc. should all be categorized. It is possible that the FamilySearch topic taxonomy could be used as a guide for categorization
Uncategorized pages x
The majority of all authors do not attempt the categorization of the new content they add to the wiki. Therefore this report should be monitored on a constant basis and add categories to all new pages.
Uncategorized templates x x The majority of all the maintenance templates have been categorized. Most of the templates not yet categorized are related to the research content that resides in the Main namespace. A project should be created to work with the community member who are actively creating templates for their help in the categorization process.
Unused categories x
Category pages that do not have other pages or categories that makes use of them. By default, if a category page is not used, it's likely not needed. Some analysis is needed on each category in this report before determining that the category is not needed.
Unused files x
It's assumed that if the files are not used, then why are they needed? Note that other web sites may link to a file with a direct URL, and so may still be listed here despite being in active use, so why is this report needed? I have no idea. Some research to answer these questions is in order.
Unused templates x x Template which are not included in another page. Remember to check for other links to the templates before deleting them. Also check with the original creator of the template. Sometimes a template is created for use, but the project might not be ready for it's actual usage. Working with the community of users who are actively involved in the templates is advisable.
Unwatched pages x
Watched pages are a way to monitor the wiki content for vandalism. Consequently, if pages are not being watched by anyone, then the vandalization of that page could easily happen without anyone noticing.
Wanted categories x
Categories are considered as "wanted" when text has not been added to the page that explains what they category is for. Once the category page has had text added to the page, the category does not show up in this list. As categories are more closely watched and monitored by tier 2, the process for requesting new categories should also be developed by the tier 2 team.
Wanted files x
Why we have "wanted files" is unknown. This report needs to be investigated for further understanding.
Wanted pages x
This report should become a critical process for identifying the content that is wanted by the community. For example, the Missouri River page is currently linked to from other pages more than 950 times. Therefore, it seems like there is a greater need to add content to that page than there is to content to the California State Archives page that is lined to from other pages 95 times. Identifying the process for marketing the pages that have the most "votes" (by linkage) for requested content is a project for tier 2 to accomplish.
Wanted templates
x I believe this report shows us the template pages that currently do not have content on the page. I'm not sure why, but this is something tier 3 should investigate. Be sure to work with the community to resolve this.

Lists of pages[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
All pages x x There are 22 different namespaces to select from. A thorough understanding of namespaces is critical for knowing how each report can and should be used by both Tier 2 and 3.
All pages with prefix x x Both Tier 2 and 3 need to investigate this report to discover it's usage and purpose. After both teams have gained an understanding of this report, their knowledge should be shared with the community.
Categories x
The categories listed in this report contain pages or media. Unused categories are not shown here. Also see wanted categories. As Tier 2 becomes more involved in the management of the categories, this page will likely be used for accessing the data.
Disambiguation pages
x This report needs to be investigated by Tier 3. The community has already implemented the usage of Disambiguation pages, but evidently the implementation is not always correct. After Tier 3 understand the right implementation, they should inform the community and create an effort amongst the community to correct the errors.
List of redirects x x Some redirects are needed, some are only temporary. Recognizing the difference and making adjustments to content pages by removing the redirect or deleting the redirect page might be necessary. Both Tier 2 and 3 should study the usage of redirects by visiting both MediaWiki and Wikipedia before taking action on the redirects and educating the community about redirects. Additional documentation in the wiki is likely needed.

Login / sign up[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
Sign in
x Tier 3 should work with engineering to see if this special page should be removed from the list. Now that the Wiki is integrated with FamilySearch, the sign in process is controlled by FamilySearch not the Wiki.

Users and rights[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
Block user
Blocked IP addresses and usernames
CIS Administration
CIS Migration
Change password
Deleted user contributions
Rename user
User contributions x x
User group rights x x
User list x x
User rights management x x Mollie on Pennie's team is responsible for changes user rights. Tier 2, 3, and other Admins can also make the changes and will serve as backups if needed.

Recent changes and logs[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
Gallery of new files x
Finding images that were recently uploaded can be done by viewing this gallery of new files. Sometimes the system index refresh/rebuild doesn't happen fast enough to find a new image by conducting a search, so this gallery can be used instead. Sometimes people view the gallery before uploading an image because they cannot remember if they've already uploaded the image in the past few minutes. Viewing the gallery on a consistent basis will also help spot images that were added that might have problems related to copyright or inappropriateness. Tier 2 can report on the number of images and/or files they upload but they should also report on the number of images uploaded directly by community members. The gallery is a good place to see all image activity in the wiki.
Logs x x
My watchlist x x Tier 2 and 3 support should be very familiar with their own watchlists. Reviewing the pages listed on your watchlist should be an ongoing task. Both tiers should report on the number of pages each person is watching and for what purpose you are watching the page. Reports should be sent to management.
New pages x

Recent changes x

Related changes

Valid change tags

Media reports and uploads[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
File list

File path

MIME search

Search for duplicate files

Upload files

Wiki data and tools[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
Expand templates

Popular pages

Replace text


System messages


Redirecting special pages[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
External links

Random page

Random redirect

Search Learning & How-To's

High use pages[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
Most linked-to categories

Most linked-to files

Most linked-to pages

Most linked-to templates

Pages with the most categories

Pages with the most revisions

Page tools[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes

Email File for Authorization

Export pages

Import pages

View deleted pages

What links here

Other special pages[edit | edit source]

Special Page Tier 2 Tier 3 Notes
Book sources

Rename category

See also[edit | edit source]