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Here are 3 Ideas for Changes to the Wiki[edit | edit source]

This page describes site design ideas that affect the entire site's user interface, or look and feel. (To peruse or discuss content design ideas that affect groups of pages but not the design of the site in general, see the Manual of Style.) To experience what the wiki would be like if the changes described on this page were implemented, log in, go to your Preferences, click the Skins tab, and then choose the FamilySearchWikiTest1 skin. Don’t forget to click Save. Don’t worry -- if you don't like the changes, you can go to the Skins tab again and choose the FamilySearchWiki skin again.

We would like to know what you think of these ideas. Click the Discussion link for this page to let us know. Even though the 3 ideas are part of the same test skin, they do not have to all be made, depending on what people like.

Page Options[edit | edit source]

The page options (such as Edit, Watch, Dicussion, etc.) are commonly used by people who add information to the Wiki. It may be easier to get to these options if they were at the top of the pages instead at the top right. This is an idea for where they could go and what they might look like.

Current page options:

Page options current.gif


Page options idea.gif

Search Results[edit | edit source]

An idea for changing the search results page format to make search results easier to read.

Current search results format:

Search results current.gif


Search results idea.gif

Site header and title.[edit | edit source]

This may be a change that will depend on the overall look of FamilySearch products. But it is part of the test skin and so it is mentioned here in case it is noticed.

Current header format:

Site header current.gif

Site header idea.gif

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