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Description:[edit | edit source]

This task involves searching for vital records in the Family History Library Catalog (FHLC) to be placed on the county and town pages.

Instruction[edit | edit source]

1. Determine the year marriages start and end on the county level by using the Handybook.

A. If a year is listed in the book,use the following template under the Marriage heading changing Nassau to your county and replacing 1907 with the year the marriages begin; and replacing 1935 with the year the marriages ended being recorded by the County Clerk.
B. If there is are no dates listed, contact Danielle and she will give you the correct date. Using Danielle's information, add it to the following template:
C. If there is no marriages on the county level use the following template, replacing Nassau with your county.

2. To locate vital records in the FHLC, do a place name search in the FHLC by typing in your county. If you need more instructions on how to search the FHLC, go to FamilySearch Catalog Places Search.

3. Click on the topic Vital Records and review the entries. Add any original records under the appropriate headings of Birth, Marriage and Death.

i. Bullet each entry you make.
ii. The date should be bolded. Make sure to use the N–dash between the dates and anytime it is used in wiki text. The N–dash is made by holding the alt key and typing 0150.
iii. Put the sources in chronological order.
iv. Use the FHLC template to list the call number or film number.

Book example:

{{FHL|132214|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 V2b}}

Film examples:

{{FHL|63575|item|disp=FHL films 155854–155860}}
{{FHL|63575|item|disp=FHL film 155854 (first of 300)}}

See the following example for bulleted items:

:*'''1908–1935''' Marriage Record Index {{FHL|17995|item|disp=FHL film 863407-8}}<br>

4. For substitute records, such as abstracts, transcriptions, and indexes, list them under the appropriate heading Birth, Marriage or Death. Add a sub-heading [type of record] Substitutes in italics (as instructed in Intro task). For books use Chicago Manual of Style. Use these guidelines:

Chicago Manual of Style footnote style (modified):


a. Author(s), followed by a comma
b. Title (book titles in italics, with correct capitalization)
c. Publication data in parenthesis: Publication place, followed by a colon; Publisher; Year of publication
d. Comma, and the page number(s) followed by a period

Access information:

e. Link to an online copy, if any, placing any free copies first, followed by a semi-colon.
f. WorldCat template {{WorldCat|#####|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}};
g. FHL template: {{FHL|####|item|disp=FHL Film ###; Fiche ###; Book ###}}.
h. Separate each link by a semi-colon. Add a period at the end. Then give a brief annotation explaining the content, or why, or how a reader would want to use the source.

Example of wikitext:

:*'''1809–1850 ''' Fred Q. Bowman,''10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1809-1850'' (Baltimore,MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1985).[ Ancestry($)]; {{WorldCat|11721677|disp=At various libraries}}; {{FHL|132214|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 V2b}}. Abstracted from newspaper marriage and death columns.<br>

5. Except for the Bowman collection listed in number 8 below (abstracts from newspapers statewide), all other substitute records should go in their appropriate heading. For example, if there is an abstract or transcriptions of church records or other newspaper abstracts, put them under their respective headings.

6. After the heading, Death, and the italicized heading Death Substitutes, and any information you may have added to Death Substitutes add Additional Sources as a bolded heading.

7. Under Additional Sources add the following template:

{{NY FHLC Vitals|480312|county=Madison}}
a. To create the above template follow these instructions:
While in the new FHLC on, select any record under the county's "vital records" topic.
1. Put your county into the search "For" field, i.e. Madison, New York.
2. Click on the county name as it appears beneath what you are typing.
3. Select the vital records at the end of the section.
4. Select any record listed in the section.
5. Under the "Subjects" heading select the link called "New York, (your county)– Vital records".
6. Then click on the blue subject link (i.e. New York, Madison - Vital Records).
7. In the upper left-hand corner you will find a heading titled "Search" containing the term Subject Number. Under that is the heading "For" with a number. Copy the number in the "For" field.
8.Paste the number in the NY FHLC Vitals template (listed above)replacing the number field in the template.
9.Change the name of "county=" to the name of your county.

NOTE: The template links to the FHLC and will show any additional records that are added to the FHLC in the future.

8. If any of the following books apply to your county (those counties that apply are listed in italics before the book information), copy and paste the book information to the county page under each birth substitutes, marriage substitutes and death substitutes heading under Vital Records on your county page. The book information to be copied starts with a semicolon (which isn't easy to see!) and ends with the break symbol. Make sure to put these books in Chronological order with other data already there.

Albany, Clinton, Columbia, Essex, Otsego, Rensselaer, Saratoga,and "Old Dutchess," which, prior to 1812, included the territory of present-day Putnam County:

:*'''1777–1834 ''' Fred Q. Bowman,''10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York, 1777-1834'' (Baltimore,MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1987). [ Ancestry($)]; [ World Vital Records($)]; {{WorldCat|15220119|disp=At various libraries}}; {{FHL|508207|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 V2bfq}}. Abstracted from newspaper marriage and death columns.<br>

Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga,Ontario, Ostego,Seneca, Wayne, and Yates:

:*'''1813–1850 ''' Fred Q. Bowman,''10,000 Vital Records of Central New York, 1813-1850'' (Baltimore, MD:Genealogical Pub. Co., 1986).[ Ancestry($)]; [ World Vital Records($)]; {{WorldCat|13446555|disp=At various libraries}};{{FHL|435938|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 V2bf}}. Abstracted from newspaper marriage and death columns.<br>

Chautauqua, Genesee, Ontario, Steuben, and Wayne:

:*'''1809–1850 ''' Fred Q. Bowman,''10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1809-1850'' (Baltimore,MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1985).[ Ancestry($)]; [ World Vital Records($)]; {{WorldCat|11721677|disp=At various libraries}}; {{FHL|132214|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 V2b}}. Abstracted from newspaper marriage and death columns.<br>

Albany, Columbia, Delaware, Franklin, St. Lawrence, and Suffolk:

:*'''1804–1850''' Fred Q. Bowman, ''8000 More Vital Records of Eastern New York State, 1804-1850'' (Rhinebeck, New York: Kinship Books, 1991). {{WorldCat|25214683|disp=At various libraries}}; {{FHL|485928|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 V2bfqa}}. Abstracts of newspaper marriage and death columns.<br>

Fulton, Herkimer, Montgomery, Oneida, Schenectady, and Schoharie:

:*'''1808–1850''' Fred Q.Bowman, ''7000 Hudson-Mohawk Valley, (NY), Vital Records, 1808-1850'' (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1997). {{WorldCat|37822622|disp=At various libraries}}; {{FHL|673477|item|disp=FHL Book 974.7 V2bo}}. Abstracts from newspapers filed at the New York State Library in Albany.<br>

Example[edit | edit source]

Birth[edit | edit source]

Birth Substitutes

See Town Clerks' Registers of Men who Served in the Civil War in Clinton County in the Civil War section of Military for birth information.
Marriage[edit | edit source]

Early marriages were sometimes recorded on the town level and the years vary by town. (List of towns) In 1880, town clerks were to record the marriage and a copy was sent to the New York State Department of Health (state level). Town clerks continue to record marriages. Marriages were recorded by the Clinton County clerk starting in 1908 and go until 1935.

Marriage Substitutes

  • 1830–1880 Benoît Pontbriand, Mariages, 1830-1880, comté de Clinton, New York = Marriages, 1830-1880, Clinton County, New York (Sillery [Quebec]: B. Pontbriand, 1984). At various libraries; FHL Book 974.754 K2p Contains transcription of church records from the following localities: Plattsburgh (1830) Cooperville (1843) Ausable Forks (1849) Keeseville (1849) Redford (1853) Rouses Point (1856) Champlain (1860) Dannemora (1860) Mooers Forks (1861) Cadyville (1861) Ellensburg (1869) Churubusco (1872). In both English and French.
  • 1864–1881 Virginia Easley DeMarce, Baptisms and burials: St. Edmund's, Ellenburg, New York, St. Philomene's, Churubusco, New York, St. James, Cadyville, New York, Clinton County, 1864-1881 (Plattsburgh, N.Y. (P.O. Box 1256, Plattsburgh 12901): The Society, 1990). At various libraries; FHL Book 974.754 K2c.Includes indexes to godfathers, godmothers, and maiden names of mothers. Includes notes from cemetery, St. James, Cadyville.
Death[edit | edit source]

Death Substitutes

  • See Town Clerks' Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War in Clinton County in the Civil War section of Military for death information.
  • 1849-50, 1859-60, 1869-70, and 1879-80 See Mortality Schedule information in the Federal Census section of Census for death information for 1849-50, 1859-60, 1869-70, and 1879-80.

Additional Resources

Additional resources for Clinton County births, marriages and deaths may be found in the New York, Clinton– Vital Records topic page of the FamilySearch Catalog . Copies of books found in the FamilySearch Catalog may be found in WorldCat catalog and ordered from your local library through interlibrary loan. Explore how to search the FamilySearch Catalog and the WorldCat Online Catalog.