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The FamilySearch Wiki team is constantly fixing bugs and adding new features to the system. Check back regularly for updates.

The first column describes the addition or fix. The second column will give the date that the addition or fix is planned to be added to our test or "staging" system. Finally, the third column lists the date that the addition or fix is planned to be added to this wiki. If it is a future date that is when it is planned to be added, if it is a date in the past it means it has already been added and that you can go and check it out.

Description Staging Production
Updated FCKEditor Extension. 02/16/10 03/03/10
Updated ImageMap Extension and added StringFunctions extension. 02/22/10 02/23/10
Updated FamilySearchWiki, FamilySearchWiki1, and FamilySearchWiki2 Skins. Cite Extension upgrade. 02/16/10 02/10/10
CIS/Wiki integration 11/01/09 12/21/09
New FamilySearch Wiki skin 10/13/09 10/15/09
EditTab, WatchTab, EditReminder, and bookmark extensions. 10/13/09 10/15/09
FCK Editor upgrade 09/03/09 10/01/09
Upgrade to Mediawiki 1.15.1 09/03/09 10/01/09
New FamilySearch Wiki Skin: User login changes 09/03/09 09/10/09
LuceneSearch 2.1 06/12/09 06/19/09
WhoIsWatchingTabbed Extension 02/26/09 03/19/09
InputBox Extension 02/26/09 03/19/09
Oversite Extension 02/26/09 03/19/09
Migrate to MWSearch (multi-language search fix) 02/26/09 03/19/09
Migrate to Mediawiki 1.13.3 core code 01/26/09 02/26/09
New version of FCK Editor 01/26/09 02/26/09
ImageMap extension   02/16/09
New FamilySearch Wiki skin 12/26/09 01/26/09
Social bookmarking extension 10/30/08 11/13/08
Omniture - usage and analytics 11/03/08 11/13/08
Updated print style sheet 11/03/08 11/13/08
Removal of all skins except Monobook and FSWiki 11/13/08