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FamilySearch Wiki:Missionary Training LessonsGotoarrow.png Teacher's Tips

All teachers tips will be in italics

Overall View[edit | edit source]

We are including Teacher's Tips with the Missionaries Training Lessons in the Wiki so everyone can have access to these to review, to update and share these items.

Missionary Training Preparation[edit | edit source]

Before Classes begin Lesson

  • While in the Origination Classes this page will help prepare new missionaries for the training classes. Send this link to the Missionaries while they are taking their Origination Classes FamilySearch Wiki:Missionary Training Preparation. Since this class is student driven no tips are needed.

Individual Lessons[edit | edit source]

Week One[edit | edit source]

This week will cover all the ways we communicate with each other. The use of Skype, Email, Google docs, Yammer, Salesforce and Webex. Then we will have an over view of the Wiki. Finally we will cover the policies and principals used to guide us in the Wiki.

Week Two[edit | edit source]

Our goal in the second week is to help you edit in the Wiki.

The Wiki Lessons for Week Two

Week Three[edit | edit source]

Our goal in the third and fourth weeks is to get you ready and prepared to do everything in your Wiki Missionary Schedule.

Week Four[edit | edit source]

Other Pages to Review[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

Help:Videos and lessons