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A merger is a non-automated process by which the content of two pages is united on one page. Reasons to merge a page include the following:

  • unnecessary duplication of content,
  • significant overlap with the topic of another page, and
  • minimal content that could be covered in or requires the context of a page on a broader topic.

Discretion should be exercised to make sure merging does not result in an article that is too long or drawn out, short articles that can be shown to be expanded, or if said short articles are of a discrete enough topic that merging is not possible nor makes sense. Merging results in a redirect to the parent page(s) with some or all content cut-and-pasted into that page(s). A comment in the edit summary must be made in the pages being merged as to where they are being merged to, and it must be noted in the parent page(s)' edit summary where the content from other pages are being merged from; this is done to preserve attribution under the Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0 license.