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External links[edit | edit source]

  • [ ] All external links have single brackets and a space between the URL and the name shown on the page.

Support Teams Job:[edit | edit source]

1. When patrolling and we find external links, make sure they meet the Wiki policy.
2. When they break, fix them or remove them.

Internal links[edit | edit source]

  • [[ ]] or {{ }} All internal links have double brackets

Types of Internal Links[edit | edit source]

A. User links are between [[ ]] User:User name
Support Job
1. If they are found in the main name space return them to the User space: using move
B. Main Articles are between [[ ]] Title of Article
Support Jobs
1. If you find like names=disambiguate
2. Otherwise do regular maintenance
C. Help pages put between [[ ]] Help:Name
Support job
1. Keep up to date
D. Image pages put between [[ ]] Image:Name.type of file
Support job
1. See if it is categorized
2. Regular Maintenance
E. Maintenance pages put between [[ ]] FamilySearch Wiki:Name
Support job
1. Keep up to date
F. Templates put between {{ }}templatename
Support Job
1. If assigned categorize the uncategorized templates
2. If trained create wanted templates