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Do you rely on the Help pages on the FamilySearch Wiki as you edit and contribute to the Wiki? The Maintaining the Help Content committee is the perfect place for you.  Because the Help content is such a vital part of the Wiki, it's important to keep these pages updated and correct.  In order to be a resource for questions concerning current content, committee members should be familiar with the Help content.

Members of this committee will:[edit | edit source]

  • Update existing Help content
  • Check for the same info in more than one article and remove where not needed
  • Create any needed Help content
  • Ensure that all Help content, including that created by other users, is placed appropriately in one of the 12 main Help topics.
  • Update current Help content as procedures change or additional features become available.
  • Review the Needed "How-to" Articles page to determine additional Help content needed for the Wiki, and create appropriate pages.
  • Monitor the" All pages (Help namespace) page" for any additions made by another user and ensure that they are added to one of the 12 main categories and placed on any appropriate content lists.

See Also:[edit | edit source]

You can help[edit | edit source]

If you would like to share your talents and knowledge by participating in this committee, sign up here by indicating:

  • Username: Link to your User page and Talk page in this column
  • Areas of Expertise: Add your area of expertise or any additional information  you would like to include.  Also, indicate if you would be willing to be a Chairman for this committee.

Username Areas of Expertise

Training is provided in each of these areas - if you're interested in helping,
but not sure where you would best fit, contact us!