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When a request for uploading an image or file is received that is missing licensing information or contains personal images, the following template can be used by the reviewer to fit the situation.

Dear ,

Thank you for submitting your image to the FamilySearch Wiki.

Before we can add it to the site, we need to know more about the image.

If the image appears to be a personal genealogy or other personal image, use the following paragraph:

The FamilySearch Wiki does not include information about specific people like other genealogy sites. Rather, it is an aid in finding records and information to help researchers find records pertinent to their ancestry. Will the image of the obituary that you submitted be used as an example of an obituary in an article on the wiki rather than supporting evidence for the life of a family member?

See the Purpose and Appropriate Topics article for more details:

If the licensing information is missing, the following paragraph can be used:

Do you have the rights to distribute and publish the image? If so, we need that information so it can be included with the image...
The infomation will include but is not limited to:
Description = Image description
Source = Source name
Date = Date the original image was created
Author = Your name
Permission = Has the right to distribute or the related licensing information such as a Creative Commons license, etc. If creative commons, which Creative Commons license applies to the image(s)?

If the Creative Commons licenses apply, this page is a good reference about the different types of Creative Commons licenses:

If you are unsure which Creative Commons license is best for you, the Choose a License page will help you make that determination

The Image use policy page will be helpful in understanding the Image Use Policy on the FamilySearch Wiki:

Please click on the reply button and send us the above information so we can determine if the image can be published on the wiki. Refer to case # in the subject line. Please click on the reply button when you respond to this message.

Once your image is approved, you'll receive an email with the location and file name of the image so you can include it in your article.

The Image Help article will be helpful in understanding the wikitext coding required so the image and its caption will appear correctly in your article.

We appreciate your participation on the FamilySearch Wiki.

Sincerely, FamilySearch

Examples of e-mail replies[edit | edit source]