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The Council meets every week on Wednesdays at 1pm (Mountain Time) on The meeting number will be provided to invitees.

Minutes of the Council meetings will be posted here.

February 26, 2014[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Wilma, Teri, and Steve

  • FamilySearch are planning to simplify the skin used in the Research (become more like Wikipedia)
    • Reason to interface better with main FamilySearch site and to allow for easier translation of content
  • Plans to restructure main locality pages to use tabs
    • Concern that new contributors are put off editing due to the use of tables and templates
    • Council believe some of the factors that put off contributors are the issues with the Rich Text Editor, the reception received from established contributors towards new contributors.
  • Plans to upgrade the Wiki to use MediaWiki 1.22
    • Would need a replacement for the rich text editor, for example VisualEditor

February 19, 2014[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Teri, Jamie and Steve
Apologies: Wilma

  • MediaWiki update - plan to simplify the skin used, move navigation to the left and use more screen width
  • Wiki - sources of referrer types 2013
    • List included (in order of size) - other web sites, search engines, bookmarks, social networks
  • Breadcrumbs - example Mills County, Texas Genealogy - does it need the part that says Counties M
    • Not required - however as Texas has lots of counties maybe geographic groupings would be better.

February 12, 2014[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Wilma, Teri, Jamie and Steve

February 5, 2014[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Wilma, Teri and Steve

  • Main focus for this meeting the Help:Adopt-a-page
    • Discussion about reviewing current adopters
    • The process for accepting new adopters, including extending the opportunity to individuals
    • Setting out what will be expected of adopters
    • Ideas about promoting the adoption program

January 29, 2014[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Jamie, Teri and Steve
Apologies: Wilma

  • Using Rich Text Editor with Chrome is permanently broken
    • Fix/replacement for RTE due 3rd quarter 2014
  • Meeting held to iron out collaboration issues
    • Spoke about table for online records and CDs that are more extensive in coverage
    • England to be an official project
    • Project meeting to facilitated by neutral party
  • Guidelines for missionaries editing in the wiki
    • Default - do not delete content, unless:
      • Inappropriate content
      • Not relevant to page (move to correct page)
      • Supervisor instructs you to
    • Set-up user page, with some standard details
    • Learn about talk pages
  • Yammer
  • Adopt-a-page
    • Time for a review

January 22, 2014[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Wilma, Jamie, Teri and Steve

  • English county navboxes - See FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject England/Navboxes for more details
  • Reports of content being replaced - contributors not working together
    • Jane and Danielle will be addressing this
  • Lack of contact from new Wiki Support Team
    • Possible main page restructure
    • Reduce size of right hand side bar
    • Allow more screen width to be used
  • Last weekend - contributors using Chrome - only saw blank screens
    • Called 24 hour support - heard recorded message "no one available"
    • Left message stating it was a "HQ support issue"
    • Support called back and while talking the call was dropped and did not call back

January 15, 2014[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Wilma, Teri and Steve
Items from the Request page

  • Navboxes for English parishes
    • current use making "what links here" unusable and the Navbox unwieldy
    • Decision - replace parish list with list of districts
  • Suggestion about Surname pages
    • Raised nearly 12 months ago
    • Was previously resolved - not within the scope of the wiki
    • Issue log updated
  • Sidebar News & Events section
    • Confirm Decision - to not require this section by default, but if being used and maintained it would be OK to keep on using it.
  • Unresolved items around disambiguation (see FamilySearch Wiki talk:Disambiguation

January 8, 2014[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Wilma, Teri and Steve

December 18, 2013[edit | edit source]

Attending: Wilma, Jamie, Teri and Steve
Experienced technical problems: Jane

  • Discussion about the issue raised by Don Jaggi about the navbox templates (for example {{Suffolk}} being used on English parish pages
    • Agree that including an alphabetical list of the parishes in the navbox is unnecessary, there are already pages that list all parishes for each county.
  • More useful to know the jurisdictions a parish is/was under (see {{Infobox England Jurisdictions}}) and the neighbouring parishes.
    • Better use of navbox to list county divisions - e.g. deaneries, registration districts etc.
  • Should promote better use of talk pages and project pages to document standard practise, help contributors to collaborate together.
  • Efforts to user test content order - what appears in the table of contents
    • Desire for a user friendly consistent approach - how much latitude for differences?
    • Reminder to refer to the Wiki Common Taxonomy so that content can be organised under the standard headings and sub-headings

October 23, 2013[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Wilma, Jamie and Steve

September 18, 2013[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Teri, Jamie, Ian and Steve
Excused: Wilma

Notes left by Wilma ahead of the meeting

  • Liaison to Support Meeting 5 Sep and 12 Sep: Wilma will not be available.
    • Discussion re: the News section of the wiki home page. It is inactive, some suggestions made.
    • Janell is transferring to Indexing. Her boss is out of town for a few weeks, so her replacement has not been selected. Her vision of where the Wiki is going:
      • Current focus of FamilySearch is on bringing beginners in to genealogy and family history. This focus is why they reorganized. The library struggled with working with Community -- so they just forged forward without Community. By pulling Library out of Wiki, they have opened it up for more collaboration. It was too hard for Community with limited hours to keep up with those who were doing it full time and as a team.
      • FamilySearch is NOT going to abandon the Wiki, they are just not (currently) pouring employee hours to the same degree as they were. Wiki is 3rd most visited area in all of FamilySearch. A new editor is in beta and expected to release in 2014. (It will be similar to the new editor in Wikipedia)
    • Support group (and Council?) need to figure out how to manage Community volunteers

Items discussed during meeting

  • FH Library staff wiki involvement - one project National Institute for Genealogical Studies and one member of staff Nathan Murphy who is doing something ahead of a presentation
  • Suggested new guideline for syllabi
    • all agreed good idea
    • Steve to pull one together
  • Adoption program - next steps
    • Clean up first
    • Set base line criteria
    • How to attract new adopters
  • New navigation bar option
    • In the Volunteer section is Submit Wiki Content
    • This page links to a Google Doc - a form where users can provide content to be added
  • Wiki Governance
    • Opportunity for the Community Council to step up
  • FamilySearch Facebook groups

September 4, 2013[edit | edit source]

Attending: Jane, Wilma, Teri, Ian and Steve

  • Discussion about a request for mediation
    • How to get users that are not collaborating to open up and work with others
  • How can we work better with the Wiki Support Team?

August 21, 2013 Cancelled[edit | edit source]

Unless there is something pressing.

August 7, 2013[edit | edit source]

Attending: Ian, Teri, Wilma. Steve excused, will be unable to attend until September. Those present suggested we cancel the August 21 meeting, since August is a holiday month.

  • Wilma will contact Teri and Jane to discuss the Texas cemetery charts: Fix the links? Change the wording and colors? Get rid of them? Rearrange the order? what is best for Texas and the people who will use the wiki?
  • We discussed a cemetery contents chart (in an Excel file on Wilma's computer). The idea was acceptable. Suggested using stars (like movie ratings), as it is something with which people are familiar. Also suggested putting it on the wiki as an image, rather than a table, so it will word wrap nicely.
  • Ian showed us on the Isle of Man page how to use a <div> code to use the entire page below the nav bar on the right.
  • Ian shared insights regarding "Americanization" of some immigrants to North America from Wales. Many adopted a middle name when they emigrated. He will make a note of where that information is in the wiki.
  • Linking to the FamilySearch catalog using the FHL template was discussed.

For a meeting with no agenda, very useful information was shared.

July 24, 2013[edit | edit source]

  • English counties, 75-80% have the nav bar at the bottom. Happened to Utah as well. Too many are set up as tables within a table.
    • Ian is redesigning the Wales pages and Isle of Man into 3 distinct divisions: 1 for left bar, 1 for middle content and ___?___ (Nav bar?) See his examples.
    • Steve sits on design layout committee.
    • Wilma very please to have a pattern to follow in fixing some US pages.
    • Need a moderator for England and people trained to fix these.
  • BYU digital archive --- local histories – page cannot be displayed
    • Don’t just fall back on an error message. Explain policy – if out of copyright, cannot access except at FHCs, etc.
    • Search routine doesn’t find Ashtabula County, for example, but it is on a list
    • Logging in does not accept FS login. Many, many security questions
    • Why put those links on the Wiki when you cannot access until you register?
    • We need to know if it is available to the general public, do they have to sign up first.
    • Would you rather see that the book is there and you have to register or pay.
    • Tell users beforehand. Members only, or something that informs rather than just a bad link.
    • Or put it in the error link and explain what they have to do to see it.
  • People are still putting something in on every single page and moderators know nothing about it. We MUST have more contact with moderators. Ask for their input.
    • Huge maps were placed on many counties.
    • Category:image templates will tame those images (fools the editor in some way, so it won't make automatic changes to images.
  • Reorganization: unsure of Wiki ramifications
  • Yammer is supposed to take the place of forums.
    • Too hard to get on to make it worthwhile. This is not the community.
    • Seems more like a company thing, not community
    • Not a thread for content, more like “nickel want ads” can’t focus on items of interest.

July 10, 2013[edit | edit source]

  • Review of last weeks minutes
    • Wilma asked for clarity of the comments about "Begin Your Search with." Quick start was suggested
  • Family History Library & Community Support
    • Reorganisation taking place this week
    • Unsure how this will effect employee involvement in the wiki
    • Goal to simplify research - help consultants where ever they are in the world
    • Perhaps more information at Contributors meeting tomorrow
  • Counties project
    • Close to finishing Utah county project
    • Would like to pick another state to work on - Washington (disambiguation) perhaps California, United States Genealogy
    • Would like input from Wiki Council on how to approach this effort
    • Plan to review the page histories - noting contributors who edited since Jan 2011
    • Send an email to each unique contributor with an invite
      • "We have wiki skills, you have the local knowledge - can we collaborate/work together to improve the pages?"
    • Start with moderators and adopters
    • Have groups that adopted pages been engaged
    • Encourage local groups to link to their resources from the wiki
    • Post on Rootsweb message boards inviting contributions to the wiki
      • This is where the experts are. Drop some hints, here is the URL, see what you can do to improve it.

June 26, 2013[edit | edit source]

Potential agenda items:

  • Request from Support re: Super moderator
    • Super moderators: are they needed? Define the role. 1) Learn from Community Council what they see super moderators doing? 2) Or, when there is something the Council sees that is not being done, Support can be sure it is assigned and followed.
    • This was discussed during the Council meeting of May 29
    • Would include a supervisory role of other moderators
  • Results of "Begin Your Search with" poll:
    • Beaver County, Utah Genealogy is the pattern that will be used on the Utah pages.
      • An alternative would be to change the running order of the page and move the sections of these key records to the top of the page.
      • Happy with how this has been achieved on the Beaver County, Utah Genealogy page
      • See also key topics in sidebars eg. England Genealogy
    • Thank you for your feedback.
    • Was that a proper use of the Council?
      • It was agreed that it was
  • Sidebars
    • Do we have any data that show how well sidebars are used by users?
  • Copy & Pasting from Gazetteers
    • Advised contributors to use only selections of the text and then link to source
    • Also to use multiple sources
    • This is now happening :)
  • {{FHL}} template now fixed
    • Problem caused by changes to the FHLC search results
    • Would have be useful for the engineers to have given the wiki community prior notice
  • Adopted pages - adoption signs being removed
    • Were the adopters contacted beforehand?
    • Were the community consulted about this change
    • Example - changes/sign removal on Texas not advised to page adopter
    • Support Team have been restoring the signs
  • Wiki Rich Text Editor (RTE)
    • Needed for beginners, but be warned as using it can easily lead to undesired results
    • Example copying and pasting from word processing software into the RTE.
  • Liaison report - 19 June
    • Disappointing if GS-WAC does not return in some form
    • Will staff at the FHL continue to add content to the Wiki in organised way?
    • Will the FHL still have a liaison to link in with the community and wiki support team?
    • How will the rough edges of working together be resolved without this link/liaison
    • Some clarification on what has been cancelled/how they will be organised in future.

June 12, 2013[edit | edit source]

  • Problems with the {{FHL}} template which has not been working properly since at least the end of May
  • An email poll re:format of beginners area (Utah) sent to Council members.

May 29, 2013[edit | edit source]

  • Support for Moderators
    • A Super Moderator - an experienced moderator who would perhaps oversee other moderators, providing training to new ones, and willing to act as muscle in the event we had a potential moderator who wasn't comfortable handling any conflict/edit wars that might arise
    • What is required? - an experienced moderator, who is adept in working with people, and is a good communicator.
    • Group/forum/discusion list for moderators
    • Wiki Contributors meeting - 1st Thursday is devoted to moderators/adopter issues
      • Was discussed that an invite should be sent to moderators/adopter about the meeting
      • As of today (May 29) invite not yet received by moderators who serve on the Wiki Council
  • Liaison report - reviewed minutes from 22 May 2013
    • Robin user page changed to User:SavingStories
    • Dennis Knox and Howard Camp have direct responsibility for moderators
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Discussion about using more specific linkwords
      • Important - first 154 characters
  • Image problems - rich text editor removing image captions, then replacing with image title

May 15, 2013[edit | edit source]

  • Noted that Jamie will be speaking at the CGSSD Meeting on Saturday, 18 May 2013
  • Liaison feedback from 8 May 2013 meeting
    • David was out of town at the NGS Conference - had time to get acquainted why new Support Liason Robin
    • Developing support for new volunteers
    • Tracking volunteers
  • WikiProjects
    • Teri was contacted by FHL volunteers about their work on the Texas, United States Genealogy pages
    • Grateful to have been contacted and welcomed their work to improve the content
    • However looked at Crane County, Texas Genealogy (as an example)
    • Suggestion: Change title to "Lists of county cemeteries" rather than "County Cemetery Directories"
    • Discussion about the wording used in the links to the external websites. Should the name of the county be included? Would this increase the ranking of the link for a specific search for "Crane County".
  • Discussion on colors
    • When colors are used they should be considered choices that are in harmony with the other colors used. Not random that clash/jar.
  • Discussed admin issue about the meeting

May 1, 2013[edit | edit source]

Apologies from Teri

  • Texas project
    • Questions to be directed to FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Texas pages
    • Cemeteries table with links to generic search pages (ie Find A Grave transcripts)
    • This is pushing links to specific sites down the page.
    • Also duplicating links already present on the page
    • Heading County Cemetery Directories could be better described as County Cemetery Listings, better for new researchers
    • Could table be placed underneath links to individual cemeteries
    • No Texas stubs - looking today there are 85 listed
    • JC to review as most if not will have been developed
  • FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator
    • How to recruit - previously via the forums
    • Help Wanted - how has this initiative been received 38 as of May 1; one is training to be the Virginia moderator.
    • Banner site message "Looking for active contributors to become moderator for the following ..."
    • Loss of contributors in the past - issues raised not resolved
  • Liaison with FamilySearch Wiki:Genealogical Services Wiki Advisory Council - see minutes at FamilySearch Wiki:Council liaisons
    • Global projects - transparent so interested parties can comment
    • Wider input results in better outcomes
    • Comments about issues on list them on the article talk page
    • Or add the comment to the users talk page (save twice - the first edit does not notify the user)
  • Site design
    • Colours used should be sympathetic to the palette used site wide
    • Who should decide on this issue

April 17, 2013[edit | edit source]

  • Finding the Wiki from the new look homepage
    • Not easily found, even for people who have been to the site before
    • Live help will not be the place someone looking for articles will go
    • Concern that our time is being wasted (examples of the forums)
    • Looking at Could a link be added after RECORDS GENEALOGIES CATALOG BOOKS ? say Research Assistance that allows searching in the wiki?
    • Option - add a link to the wiki in the footer
    • What is the long term plan for the wiki and how it will be access via the homepage?
  • Liaison with the FamilySearch Wiki:Genealogical Services Wiki Advisory Council
    • Will meet on alternate weeks, when the Community Council is not meeting
    • Are FHL employees still required to work on the wiki? (Yes, but the time depends on the managers)averyld 19:21, 18 April 2013 (UTC)
    • SEO purpose statements - did those involve let FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator and Help:Adopt-a-page know what they were planning? Possibly not, but this has been done a limited number of pages. Danielle will discuss with her unit, lack of communication averyld 19:21, 18 April 2013 (UTC)
  • FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator - listed under Things you can do upload images
    • Should Moderators be given rights to upload images without the need for them to be reviewed? (Moderators should be able to upload images from the Special pages without the need for them to be reviewed) They need to be trained on licensing, etc. averyld 19:21, 18 April 2013 (UTC)
  • Wiki Contributors Newsletter
    • Announce the changes to the wider site and how this effects the wiki
  • Add agenda item for all Community Council meetings - update from the GSWAC liaison
  • Reviewed the Issue Log
    • Surname pages
    • Professional Genealogist project
    • FH Library Catalog - inflexible index issues

April 3, 2013[edit | edit source]

Apologies from Teri

  • Working with other groups for example the FHL and Wiki Support.
    • The wiki is designed to be collaborative project
      • Areas the community and FHL can work together
      • Areas the FHL is dealing with and don't require help
      • Areas where help is required from the community
      • Publish project guidelines in the wiki
    • Liaison (Wilma) - to find out who is leading the current FHL projects
  • Moderators
    • Is the listing on the page FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator now correct?
    • Role to help guide people in wiki policy and practise
    • Different from adopters who are to help co-ordinate adding content
  • Wales as an example
    • Previous agreement to use modern counties with reference in the text to the old counties.
    • Pages being created for Welsh Parishes - what is their source? Not from GENUKI
  • Communication with moderators, adopters and contributors in general
    • Also for contributors that can't attend the weekly meetings on a Thursday.
    • Non-response from FH missionaries
    • Wiki Contributor Community Skype group
    • FamilySearch Wiki Facebook group - could be use to promote wiki specific news and give announcements and information for contributors
    • Wiki Newsletter - the link from the FamilySearch Research Wiki in the Wiki News box goes to the November 2012 edition.
      • The links in this edition then do not work.Message We cannot direct you to the requested web page at this time. Please try again.
    • Latest news on replacement forum?
      • Almost decided on a product, but it will not be a true forum.
  • New Skin for the Wiki
    • Coming soon - preview can be seen at Page
    • Good news - Wiki Home link in top corner of every page
    • Bad news - No search box on content pages - the prominent search link in the toolbar goes to records search - this has the potential to confuse/frustrate users
    • Wasted space on wide screens

March 6, 2013[edit | edit source]

Apologies from Jane and Wilma

  • Content being copied from Wikipedia/gazetteers
    • Remember this wiki has a policy of FamilySearch Wiki:Link, Don’t Copy
    • Examples on the same paragraph being added in twice from a gazetteer. It looks like missionaries are doing a paste and run exercise without looking what content is already included in the article.
    • It would be helpful if people created a user page
    • Adding headings without content -- a year later still no content. Would be better to add heading along with content.
    • Fine line between encouraging people to add content and well meaning people go find information and copy it to the FS wiki.
  • Concept "less is more", important research help could be missed in the volume of background stuff
    • Lots of help content but needs to be simplified (4 or 5 pages about how to add footnotes) with perhaps a clear guide to help new contributors find the help they need.
  • Help Wanted pages
    • Credit was given for the project to establish the help wanted pages in the wiki.
    • This is moving in the right direction
  • New Look from April
    • Looked at which currently shows the new header and right-hand sidebar.
    • The council welcomed the increase in the screen width being used when viewed in wider screens
    • A word of caution that the current settings causes a large column of whitespace to be created between content on the left and the right-hand sidebar on wide screens. (4 inches on a 25 inch screen).
    • Where left-hand sidebar are used these could be widened
    • Wikipedia seem to cope with this with lots of images used to support the text along with infoboxes etc.
  • News & Events sections
    • Spoke about general supportive comments about removing these sections as the default and only having them when contributors are keeping them up to date
    • Expect some feedback from others at the FamilySearch Wiki:Contributors Meeting tomorrow.

February 6, 2013[edit | edit source]

Apologies from Jane

  • Surname pages - draft example User:Ldrew/Sandbox8
    • Notable people should be limited to those truly "notable" not just lists from Wikipedia.
    • Be careful we are not opening the door to inappropriate lists of names
    • Should be limited to directing people to resources available in other places
    • Most people are interested in a family name in a location - how does this help?
    • Look at and
    • Need some guidelines that outline how these pages could be developed and used
    • Pages to be created only when content available - not develop hundreds of pages with only a structure
  • Professional Genealogists
  • News and Events
    • Other channels, blogs, Facebook better as sources
    • Council decided that the wiki should direct users to these better sources rather than add "news" content directly in the wiki
    • Next steps - recommend change to wiki policy and advise others via the FamilySearch Wiki:Contributors Meeting
  • FHL Genealogical Society Wiki Advisory Council Liaison
    • Wilma, not going to the meeting, but will meet with their community liaison when one is appointed

January 23, 2013[edit | edit source]

  • We have received a request: To send a liaison to the Library Wiki Council meeting which is held bi-weekly on a Thursday morning (10:30am mountain time) - their next meeting January 24.
    • Wilma volunteered to attend the meeting
    • Request to ask the Library Wiki Council to share their plans
    • Some WikiProjects are documented, others seem to have no documentation
  • Wiki Page Development
    • Issues of parish history sections being filled with extracts from gazetteers
      • If the source of the text is not properly identified then some may be led to believe it is current information
    • Page for parishes created with a structure only - who will add the details?
    • Layout of main locality pages
      • Council members know about a small working group looking at this issue with a view to redesign
    • Current problems seen
      • Issues with the right-hand sidebar going missing
      • News and Events - never getting edited and if they do quickly fall out of date
      • Did you know? section - is the best place for this a sidebar, better in the main content
      • Screen width resolution - making it adaptable for different sized screen wide and mobile
      • Proliferation of banners and badges
      • Graphics: to be welcome when used to add value to the article. However graphics are used/selected when they are not suitable.
  • Moderator Review
    • One quick last check to ensure none have become active since last check
    • Then letter thanking them for their time as moderator
  • WikiProject Professional Genealogist how this will develop in the wiki
    • What will be this council's role in the project?
      • Council members want to make some recommendations
      • First step let others know we are interested in how this project is being progressed
      • Have APG, BCG ICAPGen been contacted for their opinions?
  • Suggestion to add an issues log that sets out what this council has discussed and the status of each item

January 9, 2013[edit | edit source]

  • Moderators - suggested new responsibility FamilySearch Wiki talk:Moderator#New Moderator Responsibility - Things To Do page
    • Good idea - falls under developing a WikiProject, tangible thing for a moderator to do, more so than "Build Community" which is less so. Wiki needs co-ordination so that all can work together.
  • Need to improve communication between all contributors
    • Lynda Avery is starting to look at projects to review their status
    • Pro and cons of skeleton pages
    • Alternative is to use model example page that set out best practise
  • Process to remove inactive Moderators
    • Remove moderator wiki rights - remove name from FamilySearch Wiki:Moderator list and other pages where they are listed.
    • Final email/contact to thank them for their time as moderator and informing them of the change
  • How to increase the group of active contributors
    • Better use of welcome messages - not just thank you, but also how to get involved
    • Listing top contributors - who would encourage contributors
      • barrier to do this - engineering time needed to get this done automatically
    • Thanking people with message possibly even using {{User Gold Star}}
  • Who moderates/reviews the Moderators?
    • Should this be a role for this Wiki Council? - Super Moderators?
    • System of training and early stage monitoring and mentoring.
      • Members of the council have tried being a mentor and found the experience resulted in being overloaded with requests from novice users wanting help create a page. Mainly from Latter-day Saint members.
    • Need a place to guide new contributors

December 12, 2012[edit | edit source]

Next meeting January 9th. Agenda items from Chair, Jane Colmenares:

  • Announcements
    • The next software release for the wiki, will allow protected pages to use full html
    • Council Recording Secretary: Steve Cottrell
  • Non-functioning moderators
    • Suggested the list be sent up with recommendation to remove. One last letter will be sent to their email.
    • Ample effort has already been made
    • Concerned with the empty areas. Jane is aware of a group that will start recruiting as well.
  • Images - proposed change in policy - further exception allowing living people in images.
  • Forums - FamilySearch is discontinuing forums 12/31/12. Where we would like to see the wiki forums moved?
    • Suggestions were: Google communities (part of Google+), Facebook
    • we have the option to wait until FamilySearch decides where they are going;
    • problem with Wiki is that using talk pages doesn't come naturally, and if not watching a page, we are not notified of discussions;
    • Liquid Threads was mentioned for turning Wiki talk page to threads;
    • Get Satisfaction Topics about the product: Research Wiki
    • After discussion: two options were strongest: Going the way FamilySearch goes or use Get Satisfaction

November 28, 2012[edit | edit source]

Next meeting: Non-functioning moderators. Jane has a list with notes, such as no responses for a minimum of 3 times, (and not active in the past 120 days). Moderator is first line of contact especially when disputes, etc. After moderators, we'll discuss the same point with adopters.

We need someone to coordinate, teamwork
Barnraising committee, everyone selected swoops in on an area - adopters
Uniformity of presentation

What do we think we can achieve beyond what FamilySearch tasked this council with?

  • Communication
    • Use the Wiki contributors newsletter to show the rules, etc. We as a group can feed into that and get people into action.
    • Also use the blog.
  • Coordinating projects:
    • Avoiding duplication
    • This group facilitates community relationships. We notice areas of duplication, get them work together. Coordination.
  • Issues: resolving them, such as how the wiki promotes professional genealogists.
    • Recommending pros is a minefield.
    • We need to present it in a way that is helpful to the users and that professional organizations could support as well.
  • People need a voice. We listen to issues, seek to get the right people involved and communicating to resolve them.
  • Next contributors newsletter: tell the community who we are, invite their suggestions.
  • FHLC issues discussed. Monmouthshire not part of England -- wiki can explain and have redirects
  • Please use the email of the group members to follow up on thoughts from this meeting.

November 14, 2012[edit | edit source]

An initial meeting was held where each member had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the other council members. Janell Vasquez, from FamilySearch, talked through the Council Charter covering the purpose and working with the council members to refine some of the membership/terms of the Council. Jane was selected to be the Council Chair.

The date of the next meeting was set as Wednesday November 28 with a view to meet every second Wednesday thereafter.