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Green check.png This page explains a policy, a widely accepted standard that all contributors should normally follow.

Please visit the talk page to add comments or suggestions for further development of the policy.

Blocking is a restriction imposed through technical means. Banning is a social decision and process.

Blocking Policy[edit | edit source]

Users who fail to obey policy and who do not follow the FamilySearch Research Wiki Conditions of Use will be blocked from using the Research Wiki. Disruptive users, those who deliberately fan controversy, or who maliciously attack members of the community or community standards, will be subject to blocking. Blocking may last for a short or long period of time, which length of time will be determined by consensus of the administrators. Users who have to be Banned multiple times, or whose offenses are particularly egregious will be subject to Blocking. Other community members who are not Banned should act responsibly to neither bait the Banned user nor assist them.

Administrators are the only users that have rights to block other users. Steps to block a user:

  1. Click on Special Pages
  2. Click on Block User
  3. Enter username to be blocked

Banning Policy[edit | edit source]

A ban is a formal revocation of editing privileges. A ban may be temporary or permanent. The standard invitation with the statement "edit this page" does not apply to banned users. Users may be banned as an outcome of the dispute resolution process, or by uninvolved administrators who are enforcing rulings of the Arbitration Committee.