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Today we are going to continue the Overview of the Navigation Bar

Toolbox[edit | edit source]

We are going to look at one specific page under the Toolbox.

  • The 4th box in the light purple Navigation bar on the right of most of the FS Wiki pages. We will be going over the following items today. These items are our responsibility and we review them weekly to keep the Wiki clean.

We are going to look at the link named SpecialPages

  1. The first group at the top of the page is the Maintenance reports. The following pages are reviewed weekly:
  1. Special:BrokenRedirects
  2. Special:DoubleRedirects
  3. Special:UncategorizedCategories
  4. Special:UncategorizedPages
  1. Maintenance reports

The following pages are reviewed when numbers change greatly: These may be the basis of future projects.

  1. Special:UncategorizedTemplates
  2. Special:ShortPages
  3. Special:UncategorizedTemplates
  4. Special:UnusedCategories
  5. Special:UnusedFiles
  6. Special:UnusedTemplates

The rest of the items on this section of this page are storage pages that are looked at when needed. The weekly report contains the number of page on most of these pages.

  • Next we will look at two items in Recent changes and logs
  • These two pages are some of our most important work and we ask that each time you work on the Wiki you go here first and do some work.
  • Next we will look at one item in Media reports and uploads

  • Upload We use this to bring images and files into the Wiki after they are reviewed and approved.

Personal Tools[edit | edit source]

This section is totally for your use and helps each of us to keep an account of our own personal work

  • Personal Tools Review each link in Personal Tools.
    All pages to help the individual User in the Wiki:
    The first link is your personal User Page that presents you to others on the Wiki.
    Next is your personal talk page where others on the Wiki, especially members of the Team, can communicate with you.
    The Preferences link goes to pages that allow you to set up the ways specific pages and items within the Wiki will work for you.
    My Watched Pages goes to your list of pages you are watching.
    My Contribution is the list of all the items you edited, what you added and when you did the edit.
    Sign out of the Wiki.

A Great Resource[edit | edit source]

Lee Drew is a former Team Lead for the Wiki Support Group. He created a GREAT sandbox in which he placed many of the items we use in the wiki and how to use them. You may not need these now but in the future you will be very glad to have it. Please do not edit this page.

Homework[edit | edit source]

  • Add an introduction to your User page
  • Add badges to your Userbox on your User page List of User Boxes
  • Continue on a wiki page in your Sandbox (Example:Home town) Your Personal sandbox is under Volunteer and helper on the right Navigation bar on most pages.

Teacher's Page[edit | edit source]

Teacher's Tips

Recording[edit | edit source]

Class recording