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FamilySearch Tree - Pedigree Chart Road Map[edit | edit source]

What Can I Do On This Page
[edit | edit source]

Expand to see more generations by selecting the or
Reduce the size of each box by selecting the
Change view of your ancestors by Selecting
View details about a person by selecting a name and a person card will appear. When card appears select the Person link in the bottom of the box.
View Children, Other Spouse or Other Parents hover over the person and arrows will appear showing if there are children, other spouse or other parents for the selected individual.
Place a person as the primary person in the chart by selecting a name and a person card will appear.
When card appears select the Tree link in the bottom of the box.
Helping others allows you to sign into FamilySearch as another person so that you can help enter their family history information. All you need is the person’s name, birthdate and Helper Number.
Print this chart by selecting the Print icon
To move the chart around on your screen select the O icon or just use your mouse by hold down the left click and move your screen.
Tree allows you to find people you have viewed before and place them in the primary position of the chart
Person will show you a list of people you have recently visited in the FamilyTree and will allow you to quickly go to any of those people.
Find allows you to search to find people within the FamilySearch Tree. This will not look for any supporting records about individuals.
Lists are the people that you have indicated that you want to watch. You can select to watch a specific ancestor from the Person page.
Living person – you will only see information about living people that you have entered. No one else will be able to see the information you enter about living individuals.