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If there is no place listed for the first filing date but there is a state listed for a later filing date, should we index the filing state for the later filing, even though we are indexing the first filing date?

 Since the instructions say type the first filing date, then the field instructions for state are:  “If the state where the application was filed was not recorded or was written as a variation of the word 'unknown,' do not type the name of any other state that may have been written on the card; just press Tab to skip this field. “

My question is also about filing dates. Project instructions say that the dates range from 1861-1934 on the pension files and 1887-1942 on the Widows Pensions. How do we arbitrateif the date indexed does not fall in these ranges?

What about missing cards? For example, the photographer laid down 4 cards on the left side but no cards on the right. Should the indexer delete 4 lines and index only the 4 cards?</fck:hr><fck:hr> This page is for community discussion. Information posted here may not accurately represent the official position of FamilySearch Indexing Support on the issues being discussed.

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