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For current information about how to Index, please go to the Indexing page on the FamilySearch Website.

Information and links for new indexers


How do I get started in indexing?

First, you must download the program and register for a FamilySearch account, if you have not already done so, by clicking here. If you have not already registered, you will be taken through the necessary steps to register, in addition to downloading the program on your computer. Below is a link for the computer requirements necessary for indexing:

Minimum computer requirements for FamilySearch indexing

Installation instructions. This document gives instructions for downloading the program, registering, viewing the Quick Start video, and downloading a practice batch. It is highly recommended that you go through the Quick Start video and download a practice batch.

What do I do next?

Tutorials.  Lesson 1, Indexing takes about 20 minutes to complete and will save you hours in actual indexing.  Many basic questions are answered in this tutorial.

Download a batch.  After doing one or two of the practice batches, you may wonder how to get a bigger list of projects.  Click on the All Projects button and a list will appear.  You can let the system send you the next batch in the line, or you can select a project that interests you or matches your particular abilities, such as skill, language, or type of record.

Resources for Help

Project Instructions and updates.  It is vital that you read these before starting a new project.  The Project Updates can change very quickly and should be viewed often for new information. 

Project instructions.jpg

Field Helps and examples.  More helpful tools that will guide you through the indexing process.  These will appear as you work through the fields.  Many of your questions can be answered immediately by using the field helps and looking at the examples.

Resource Page.  This page can be accessed from the indexing "My Work" page and there may be a link for it from the project, itself, under the Project Instructions.  There are many resources for help on this page, including handwriting helps and a User Guide that contains basic and more advanced topics.  One of those is Data Entry Aids.  You can view these by clicking here.

Additional Help Tabs

 File Tab.  Under this tab, you can share the batch you're working on with another indexer or indexing support person.  This is helpful when you have questions about entries in the batch, or are unsure about how to index certain information   



F1 key for indexing.jpg

F1 Key. By clicking the F1 key on your keyboard, you are given access to a  table of contents for many indexing subjects.  You can click on any one of them and further information will pop up, with additional links to more help.

Help tab2.jpg

Help Tab. This tab will give you access to finding your local support person or FamilySearch support, as well as help in finding answers to questions you may have about indexing, this project, using the icons and tools in indexing, etc.  You can also allow remote control of your computer to a FamilySearch support person when you call in for help. 

Helpful Videos.