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For New Contributors and Moderators[edit | edit source]

All Contributors and moderators on the FamilySearch Wiki are invited to join the Research Wiki Group on Yammer.  In order to join, you must request that an invitation be e-mailed to you.  Please forward your request to

Join a Community[edit | edit source]

Come join a community of others who love family history as much as you do. Talk about the things that most interest you:

How it works[edit | edit source]

Everyone who joins is a part of the main network, or the "All Network" group. You can also join other groups that relate to your interests. Visit the group, then click Join in the upper right to become a member of the group.

(You must be invited before seeing the groups below.)

Main FamilySearch Groups (on Yammer)

Volunteer Groups

FamilySearch Groups, run on software called Yammer, allows for FamilySearch to build a private social network just for users of FamilySearch. Learn more about using Yammer here.