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  • There is no guarantee that the information in Family Tree is accurate. Data comes from many sources, and anyone can edit the information in Family Tree. It is your responsibility to verify names, dates, places, and family relationships, and to provide sources when available.
  • Remember that your data will be subject to editing by other editors.
  • It is very important when merging duplications that editors do so carefully and to avoid indiscriminate merging.
  • To find an individual in Family Tree, click Find in the top menu. To find a Historical Record, click Search in the top menu or click Search Records on an individual’s person page.
  • On the Tree page: To view or edit an individual’s details, click the name to display the individual’s summary card. Then click Person or click the person’s name.
  • On the Tree page: You can move the tree by clicking and dragging the page (similar to Google Maps). You can also use the up, down, left and right arrows on your keyboard.
  • On the Tree page: To view a couple’s children, hover over their box and then click the Children tab that appears beneath it.

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