Fårupgård Estate, Vejle, Denmark Genealogy

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Fårupgård is a Danish estate headquartered in Jelling parish. It was a major land owner in Ribe, Ringkøbing, and Vejle counties.

History[edit | edit source]

Fårupgård was previously a village named Fårup. Around 1400 the village consisted of five farms which each had different owners. Only after Laurids Skram traded for a few farms in Fårup village in 1578 did the farms begin to be gathered under a main farm, which was called Fårupgård. When he died, his widow, Maren Bille, and later her daughter Maren Skram, who was also a widow, took over the farm. She moved to Fårup Mill in 1617, and then let the town of Fårup be torn down.

Her niece, Sophie Below, inherited it after her and possessed Fårupgård for 19 years before her son, Henrik Thott, took over and sold the farm to his sister, Anne Thott. However, she had it for only three years, and when she died, the farm returned to her brother. In the middle of the 17th century the Swedish wars ravaged the land, and Fårupgård suffered greatly during the hard times. That's why Henrik Thott ended up selling the farm, which a few years later came to the owner of Haraldskær, Conrad von der Brincken. During that period, Fårupgård changed owners often.

In the late 18th century, Hans Marcussen Ammitzbøll bought the estate and after selling it to a relative, got it back in 1798. He obtained permission to subdivide the farm into smaller parcels a few years later.

In 1911, Vejle County bought what remained of the estate and subdivided it into 26 cottage plots. Then the main parcel was sold to himself to P. Chr. Kæmpegård, who in 1914 created a 'Reception and Nursing Home for the Deaf' on the farm. He sold it four years later to the City of Copenhagen, which set up a detox for alcoholics and a Rehabilitation Center for Copenhagen hospitals here.

In 1968, Vejle Municipality purchased Fårupgård, now called Fårupgård Ungecenter [Youth Center]. In 2013, the center takes care of young people with particularly difficult problems.

Land Records[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately many of the genealogical records typically kept by estates were in this case, either not kept or not preserved. There is, however, a 1664 land list (jordebog) that is available and it can be accessed by clicking here. For more information on Danish land records click here.

Estate Owners[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of estate owners of Fårupgård. Sometimes the name of an estate owner is given on a tax list rather than the name of the estate proper. When that happens use this list, to determine if Hvolgård is the estate being referred to.

1578-: Laurids Skram
1595: Maren (Bille) Skram
-1622: Maren (Skram) Hardenberg
1622-1641: Sophie (Below) Thott
-1655: Henrik Thott
1655-1658: Anne Thott
1658-1666: Henrik Thott
1666-1670: Anders Madsen
1670-1672: The heirs of Anders Madsen
1672-1696: Conrad von der Brincken
1696-1703: Bendix von der Brincken
1703-1711: Jochum Eggert von der Lühe
1711-1729: Axel Bille
1729-1736: Frantz Rantzau
1736-1745: Rasmus Stæhr
1745: Hans Hansen Warmark
1745-: Hans Nicolaisen Goldbech
- Lars Thistrup
-1758: Sophie Amalie Madsdatter (Bagge) Thistrup
1758-1765: Laurids Gydesen
1765-: His widow first married Gydesen then married Andersen
- Anders Andersen
-1790: Hans Marcussen Ammitzbøll
1790-1798: Laurids Ammitzbøll
1798-1804: Hans Marcussen Ammitzbøll
1804-1805: Hans Clausen
1805-1807: His widow first married Clausen then Kirschstein
1807-1856: Johannes Andreas Kirschstein
1856-1878: Bernadus Melskens
1878-1889: W. R. Tidemann
1889-1900: Adam P. Estrup
1900-1910: Oluf P. Buch
1910-1911: Widow of Oluf Buch
1911: Justesen
1911-1912: Vejle Amts Udstykningsforening
1912-1918: P. Chr. Kæmpegaard
1918-1952: Københavns kommune
1952-1968: The Union of 1837
1968- : Vejle kommune

Estate Properties[edit | edit source]

Because estates were private property they do not fit perfectly within any government jurisdiction such as a parish or county. The following is a table of places where Hvolgård estate owned at least some of the property. If your ancestor lived in one of these hamlets you may want to check and see if they belonged to Hvolgård estate.

County District Parish Village/Place Name
Ribe Skast Næsbjerg Skonager
Vester Horne Ovtrup Ovtrup
Øster Horne Horne Asp, Lervad
Tistrup Bredhovid, Galthovid, Gødsvang, Gårde, Hesselhovid, Hodesoghessel, Krarup, Lervad, Letbæk Mølle, Uhre
Ølgod Harkis, Hjedding
Ringkøbing Bølling Skarrild Lustrup, Pinvig
Sønder Borris Knobvig
Vejle Nørvang Givskud Lerager
Sindbjerg Øster Holtum
Thyregod Enkelund, Nor Harrild, Siortsborg, Vester Sejrup
Øster Nykirke Oksenbjerge
Tørrild Bredsten Kjeldkær, Søskov, Kærbølling, Roding, Balle, Bredsten Lund, Ravning, Ollerup
Gadbjerg Clausholm, Smidstrup, Tofthøj
Jelling Fårup Huse, Hopballe, Hornstrup, Kidde, Styvel
Nørup Trollerup