Erie-Kalamazoo Railroad

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Early History[edit | edit source]

There are no records known that indicate how the property of this company was operated from the date it opened for operation, around 1837 to August 1, 1848. From that date to the present time, it has been held by various interests. The company was incorporated on April 22, 1833 under a special act by what was then known as the "Territory of Michigan", now called the state of Michigan in the United States.

Original Route[edit | edit source]

The Erie &Kalamazoo Railroad was the first railroad in Michigan and the first in Monroe county, Michigan. The railroad, which is only 22 miles long, was built from Toledo, which was then held within the Territory of Michigan to the headwaters of the Kalamazoo River. There were boundary disputes over whether Toledo belonged in the Territory of Michigan or the state of Michigan. Once that issue was settled, Toledo was declared to be within the limits of the state of Michigan. The Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad was incorporated on April 4, 1852 under the general laws of Michigan. Under a special act of the state of Michigan on May 18, 1846, the charter of the Erie and Kalamazoo was amended to fix the western most terminus of its road in Adrian, Michigan. Railroads offered an important means of migration in the United States.

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