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Note[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Records are available via a partnership with FindMyPast and can be viewed free at a local Family History Center. See Finding a family history center near you (54018). Otherwise, sign in and register with FindMyPast using the link found on the record detail page.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: Some records are missing. Where can the records be viewed?
Answer 1: See answers below for information about known missing records and respective film numbers, if available, or alternate online location:

  • Complete registration districts are missing for
    o North Aylesford, Kent, England,
    o Northfleet, Kent, England, and
    o Shoreditch, Middlesex, England.

Question 2[edit | edit source]

Question 2: Some indexed records have event place or date errors. How can I determine the correct information?
Answer 2: View the document to verify the correct information. A list of known problems below provides correct indexing information:

  • Birthplace of Hulme, Somersetshire is not valid and could be either Hulme, Lancashire, England or Hulme, Cheshire, England.
  • Birthplace of Northampton, Northumberland should be Northampton, Northamptonshire.

Question 3[edit | edit source]

Question 3: Some family members are not listed with the family unit or household in the record detail page. How can I find all the family members?
Answer 3: Always view the original image to validate correct family relationships. To work around the problem, search by last name and residence or event place. Families are grouped sequentially on the same image or an adjacent image. If a family unit begins on the bottom of a census page, and continues at the top of the next census page, the family members are generally not grouped together. In some cases, the enumerator recorded entries that are not in sequence. In other cases, the pages were out of order when filmed. View the images and watch for consecutive page numbers to assure correct family connections.