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Searching for ancestors in medieval England can be fascinating. Extensive collections survive in English archives dating back to the Domesday Book (1086 A.D.). Medieval records most often record activities of nobility and the landed class. They are typically written in Latin or Old French, but modern English translations are available for many record groups.

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Treaty RollsWillsAdmiralty RecordsAdmiralty RecordsAncient CorrespondenceAssize RollsState Papers ColonialState Papers ColonialState Papers DomesticState Papers ForeignState Papers ForeignChancery WarrantsCartae Antiquae RollsCartulariesChancellor's RollChancery ProceedingsCharter RollsCheque RollsClose RollsColonial Office RecordsConfirmation RollsControlment RollsCoram Rege RollsCoroners' RollsCourt of RequestsCourt of Wards and Liveries, PleadingsCuria Regis RollsDe Banco RollsDecree RollsAncient DeedsDispensation RollsDomesday BookEssoin RollsEyre RollsFeet of FinesFoederaFeudal AidsFine RollsGaol Delivery RollsGascon RollsInquisitions Ad Quod DamnumEngland Domesday Book, Monastic Cartularies, Hundred Rolls, Valor Ecclesiasticus, Parliamentary Surveys, National Farm Surveys (National Institute)#Hundred Rolls of Edward I .E2.80.93 1279 Hundred RollsInquisitions MiscellaneaeInquisitions Post MortemLiberate RollsManorial RecordsMemoranda RollsNorman RollsOriginalia RollsPapal LettersParliament RollsPatent RollsPipe RollsPlea RollsPlea Rolls, Exchequer of the JewsPraestita RollsPrivy Council ProceedingsQuarter SessionsQuo Warranto, Placita deRoman RollsScotch RollsScutage RollsStar Chamber RecordsSubsidy RollsTesta de NevilleTithe RecordsWardrobe and Household AccountsTithe RecordsTreaty RollsEnglish Lay Subsidies Subsidy RollsValor EcclesiasticusPipe RollsPatent RollsOriginalia RollsMemoranda RollsFoederaFeet of FinesEssoin RollsDe Banco RollsCoram Rege RollsControlment RollsColonial Office RecordsClose RollsChancery ProceedingsChancellor's RollCartulariesWardrobe and Household AccountsWelsh RollsWillsState Papers Domestic60%

With special thanks to Paul C. Reed, FASG for compiling this chart.

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Compiled Genealogies[edit | edit source]

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