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England, Northumberland, Nonconformist Records, 1708-1982  and England, Northumberland Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1920
This article describes a collection of records at FamilySearch.org.
Northumberland, England
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Location of Northumberland, England
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Location of England
Record Description
Record Type Nonconformist
Collection years 1613-1982
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Northumberland Archives, Ashington

What is in This Collection?[edit | edit source]

Nonconformist church records may not have the most widespread coverage, but when they are available, they are the most informative and accurate source available for English non-conformists until the start of civil registration in 1837. Nonconformist birth and baptismal registers are fairly common, and they generally contain more information than those of the Church of England.

Please note: The England, Northumberland Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1920 collection contains also includes records relating to established (Anglican) churches in County Durham. It is anticipated that once indexing of this collection is complete both collections will be combined into one, single publication.

Image Visibility[edit | edit source]

Whenever possible FamilySearch makes images and indexes available for all users. However, rights to view these data are limited by contract and subject to change. Because of this there may be limitations on where and how images and indexes are available or who can see them. Please be aware some collections consist only of partial information indexed from the records and do not contain any images. For additional information about image restrictions see Restrictions for Viewing Images in FamilySearch Historical Record Collections.

To Browse This Collection[edit | edit source]

England, Northumberland, Non-conformist Records, 1708-1982[edit | edit source]

You can browse through images in this collection using the waypoints on the Collection Browse Page for England, Northumberland, Nonconformist Records.

What Can These Records Tell Me?[edit | edit source]

The following information may be found in these records:


  • Name of declarant (usu. father)
  • Age, occupation and residence of declarant
  • Name of child
  • Sex of child
  • Date and place of birth
  • Names of parents
  • Names of witnesses
  • Residence of parents


  • Date and place of baptism
  • Given name of child
  • Date and place of birth
  • Names of parents
  • Occupation of father
  • Legitimacy of child
  • Marital status of parents
  • Names of godparents


  • Date and place of marriage
  • Names of bride and groom
  • Ages of bride and groom
  • Previous marital statuses of bride and groom
  • Occupations of bride and groom
  • Residences of bride and groom
  • Birthplaces of bride and groom
  • Names of parents, including maiden names
  • Names, ages, and occupations of witnesses

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Death and Burial

  • Date and place of burial
  • Date and place of death
  • Name of deceased
  • Age at death
  • Cause of death
  • Marital status of deceased
  • Name of spouse
  • Birthdate and place of deceased
  • Residence of deceased
  • Occupation of deceased
  • Surviving family members
  • Father of deceased, esp. if infant
  • Occupation of father, esp. if infant

Collection Content[edit | edit source]

For more information on the content, significance, and availability of Nonconformist Records, please see England Nonconformist Church Records.

How Do I Search This Collection?[edit | edit source]

Before searching this collection, it is helpful to know:

  • Name of the person
  • Approximate date of the event

Search the Index[edit | edit source]

England, Northumberland Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1920

Search by name on the Collection Details Page.
  1. Fill in the search boxes in the Search Collection section with the information you know
  2. Click Search to show possible matches

England, Northumberland, Non-conformist Records, 1708-1982

This collection does not have a searchable index. Only images are available. See View the Images to access them.

View the Images[edit | edit source]

England, Northumberland, Non-conformist Records, 1708-1982

View images in this collection by visiting the Collection Browse Page:
  1. Select Name of County
  2. Select Name of Town (with Church)
  3. Select Event Type and Year Range (with Volume) to view the images

How Do I Analyze the Results?[edit | edit source]

Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of your research in a research log.

What Do I Do Next?[edit | edit source]

I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now?[edit | edit source]

  • Add any new information to your records
  • If the parents' names are listed, look for the family in censuses
  • If a marriage record is found, look for the family in censuses
  • If a burial record is found, use the date to search for a death record
  • If an age is listed on the burial record, try to estimate a birth year
  • Continue to search the index for people with the same surname to identify children, siblings, parents, and other relatives
  • Family members often appear on an individual's records, such as in the role of witnesses to a marriage

I Can’t Find the Person I’m Looking For, What Now?[edit | edit source]

  • Try variations of given names and surnames. An individual might have been listed under a middle name, a nickname, or an abbreviation of their given name
  • Spelling was not standardized for much of the period of this collection, so names were often spelled as recorders heard them. Pay attention to how the name should have been pronounced and try spelling variations that could have that pronunciation
  • Vary the search terms. For example, search by either the given name or surname to return broader list of possible matches
  • Try expanding the date range. This is especially useful in searching baptismal records, as it was not unusual for a child to be baptized weeks or even months after birth
  • Search the records of nearby locations
    • Cumbria to the west
    • Durham and Tyne and Wear to the south
    • Scotland to the north
    • North Sea coastline to the east
  • The person might not have records in a nonconformist denomination. They might have either converted to the Church of England at some point or undertaken Anglican ordinances. See the Northumberland Parish Registers page for more information

Research Helps[edit | edit source]

The following articles will help you in your research for your family in Northumberland.

Citing This Collection[edit | edit source]

Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Identifying your sources helps others find the records you used.

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