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Early Latter-day Saint Information[edit | edit source]

Land and Records Office - Nauvoo[edit | edit source]

This database is the combination of efforts of the Land and Records Office in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission and the Pioneer Research Group in Winter Quarters. The Land and Records Office started working on the database in 1987 and have been collecting and adding information since then. A missionary couple (Don and Diane Snow) had the assignment in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission of preparing the PAF file for posting on the Internet. The original emphasis of the Land and Records Office was on the Nauvoo period (1839-1846), but it now includes Latter-day Saints from 1829 up to the Utah period (1868).

Pioneer Research Group - Winter Quarters and Kanesville[edit | edit source]

The Pioneer Research Group based in the Winter Quarters (Omaha, Nebraska) and Kanesville (Council Bluffs, Iowa) are gathering the names of pioneers who lived in the more than 90 settlements of Latter-day Saints who were in the Middle Missouri Valley and across the state of Iowa during the years of 1846 – 1868. Their emphasis began with the gathering of names of members of the Iowa Branches, Winter Quarters Wards and those buried in the Winter Quarters Cemetery but not limited to that specific time period or area.

The names in the database are mostly early Latter-day Saints. Where their parents’ information was available it is included. Families are linked together as well. We know it isn't complete and we will continue to correct and add to it. We also know, realistically, that absolute completeness and accuracy is impossible in a project of this magnitude. Still, we feel this is a major help to historians and family historians.

More information can be found at Early Church Information File (ECIF).