Dragsholm Estate, Holbæk, Denmark

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Dragsholm estate, Fårevejle parish, Ods district, Holbæk county, Denmark
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Trap's Gazetteer
Trap, Jens Peter. Kongeriget Danmark, 3 ed. Vol. 2, Frederiksborg, Københavns, Sorø, Holbæk og Præstø Amter. Copenhagen, G.E.C Gads Boghandel, 1898. Pages 520-522.
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  • Records created by the estate held by the National Archives of Denmark (Daisy): Adelersborg Dragsholm
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History[edit | edit source]

Dragsholm was first established in 1313 as a property belonging to the Diocese of Roskilde. In 1536 ownership passed to the King of Denmark until 1664 when it was given to Henrik Müller as payment for loans extended to the crown. Frederik Christian von Adeler purchased the estate in 1694 and it became the main property (hovedsæd) of the barony in 1784 and the name was changed to Adelersborg. This lasted until lensbaron Georg Frederik Otto Zytphen-Adeler restored the name Dragsholm in 1868. In 1936 the Bøttger family purchased the property.

Properties held by the barony included Næsgaard in Faarevejle parish, Teglværksgaard in Vallekilde parish, and Dønnerup in Holmstrup parish. The Barony's properties include holdings in Faarevejle, Vallekilde, and Hørve parishes in Ods herred; Holmstrup parish, Skippinge herred; and Svinninge parish, Tudse herred.

Faarevejle parish was under the jurisdiction of Dragsholm birk. Records in the possession of FamilySearch are from the time when the estate was known as Adelersborg.

FamilySearch Holdings[edit | edit source]

These records were microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah in the 1960s and were published digitally in 2012. Both microfilm and digital collections contain the same material. Descriptive detail may vary making it appear the collections are different.

Information on how to use the records in this collection can be found in the article Denmark Estate Records - FamilySearch Historical Records

Images from the microfilm can be accessed through the FamilySearch Catalog record. The Historical Records collection can be accessed at: Denmark Estate Records, 1436-1964 Adelersborg gods

Guardianship[edit | edit source]

  • Overformynderiprotokoller [Guardianship], 1826-1850. Trustee records of Adelersborg estate. - FSC and HR

Land[edit | edit source]

  • Arvefæstere [Copyholders] ca. 1915 - FSC and HR
  • Fæstebreve [Copyhold letters] 1750-1915 - FSC and HR
  • Fæstekontrakter [Copyhold contrats] 1838-1928 - FSC and HR
  • Fæsteprotokol [Copyhold registers] 1750-1880 - FSC and HR
  • Jordebog [Land register], 1690-1922. Land tenacy records, with land registration for Adelersborg estate, Holbæk, Denmark. - FSC and HR
  • Matrikel [Tax list] 1682, 1842 - FSC and HR

Probate[edit | edit source]

  • Registreringsprotokol [Registrations] 1828-1850 - FSC and HR
  • Register [Index] 1839-1850 - FSC and HR
  • Skifteprotokoller [Probate records], 1790-1850. Probate records of Adelersborg Estate. The parishes, place names, and dates refer to specific localities on the films listed below. The indexes are included at the end of each volume (each film item), and there is a general index, 1839-1850. - FSC and HR
  • skiftedokumenter [documents], 1792-1850 - FSC and HR
  • skiftebreve og skifteekstrakte [letters and extracts], 1785-1832 - FSC and HR
  • skiftedesignationer, skifteindberetninger [assignments, accounts], 1799-1839. - FSC and HR

Available Probate Records[edit | edit source]

County District Parish Place Dates
Holbæk Ods Fårevejle Adelersborg, Hgd. 1813-1839
Adelersborg Hovmark 1827-1839
Adelersborg Markhus 1790-1800
Bjærgene, Hse. 1828-1850 registr. 1800-1850
Faarevejle 1840-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Faarevejle Mark 1828-1839
Kaarup, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Kulaas 1813-1839
Ordrup, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Ris 1828-1850 registr. 1800-1850
Stubberup, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Stubberup Mark 1840-1850 registr. 1790-1800
Veddinge, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Veddinge Mark 1840-1850 registr.
Vindekilde, Lb. 1840-1850 registr. 1813-1839
Vindekilde Bjærge 1828-1839 registr.
Vallekilde Bjærgesø 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Bjærgesø Hestehave, Hse. 1828-1839 registr. 1839-1850
Bjærgløse By 1828-1839 registr.
Hestehaven 1813-1827
Skippinge, Lb. 1828-1839 registr. 1790-1800, 1813- 1827, 1839-1850
Starreklinte, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1800-1850
Vallekilde, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Skippinge Holmstrup Akselholm, Grd. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Brokøb, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Brokøb Mark 1828-1850 registr.
Bromølle 1800-1827, 1839- 1850
Bromølle Kro 1840-1850 registr.
Delhoved, Skov 1827-1850
Fuglesangshuset 1790-1813, 1839- 1850
Grydemose, Grd. 1827-1839
Holmstrup, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Holmstrup Mark 1828-1850 registr.
Holmstrup Overdrev 1813-1827
Hørdal, Hse. 1827-1839
Kajemose, Lb. 1828-1839 registr. 1790-1850
Krudthuset 1828-1839 registr. 1800-1850
Hørve Dragsmølle 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Hørve Mark 1840-1850 registr.
Vejleby, Lb. 1828-1850 registr. 1790-1850
Vejleby Mark 1828-1839 registr.
Tudse Svinninge Svinninge, Lb. 1828-1839 registr. 1813-1850
Abbreviation Term Definition
Grd gård farm
Hgd hovedgård manor
Hse huse house
Lb landsby rural village