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Dearborn borders of 1812 are in red overlaid on modern town borders in black. Pieces of Dearborn were set off one-by-one to other towns until its remains went extinct in 1843.

Dearborn is an extinct town and plantation, now split into part of the town of Smithfield in Somerset County, and parts of the towns of Oakland, and Belgrade, with a few tiny slivers of present-day Rome in Kennebec County.

The town of Dearborn was first settled in 1782, and formed from the east side of the West Pond Plantation in 1812. Dearborn land was set off to Waterville (later to become part of Oakland) in 1815, 1822, and 1826; set off to Belgrade 1834 and 1839, and set off to Smithfield 1840. The remaining northeast corner of Dearborn surrendered its town status in 1841 and became a plantation, which in 1843 was annexed by Waterville, Maine. Then, in 1873 Waterville set off that land to become part of what is now Oakland.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

County boundary changes

Dearborn was first incorporated in 1812 in Kennebec County. In 1840 a former part of Dearborn was set off to Smithfield, and northern Kennebec County including Smithfield was set off to become the southern part of Somerset County, Maine.


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