Danish Military Levying Rolls: Case Study 1

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Denmark Gotoarrow.png Danish Military Levying Rolls (Lægdsruller) Gotoarrow.png Danish Military Levying Rolls: Case Study 1

The Military Levying History of Mikkel Nielsen Blyeberg of Stagstrup Sogn

The Danish Military Levying Rolls can follow a male individual from birth until, in some cases, death. The direct line for a man usually runs from age 14 to about age 34.

This case follows Mikkel Nielsen Blyeberg from age 11 in 1792 until age 34 in 1814. He was born and lived in Stagstrup Sogn, Vestervig Amt on 20 Aug 1779. In 1792 his levying district was Vestervig Amt Lægd 20. After the county restructuring of 1793 he was in Thisted Amt Lægd 47.

Mikkel bliberg 1792

His initial entry in the Military Levying System is in the regular list of 1792 when the levying system began. He is the 120th person registered. In the levying system he is only recorded as Mikkel but his fathers name, Niels Bliberg, is entered directly above his name. This naming system is used throughout the levying rolls. This roll also lists where he was born and his age.

Mikkel bliberg 1793.JPG

At the next regular levying session, the roll lists his old register number, 120, and his new number, 77, and his current age, 12.

Mikkel bliberg 1795.JPG

The 1795 session records his old number, 77, the new number, 57, his and his fathers names and his current age. On all levying rolls the people are recorded sequentially by their old number in the first column and the newly assigned number in the second column.

Mikkel bliberg 1798.JPG

The 1798 session list adds his height, 64 tommer, since he is now old enough to serve in the Army. There are notations added to this record from the supplemental sessions in 1802 and 1803. There is a notation that his father is ill in 1801. The list uses the abbreviation gl. M. S. which is gammel mands son, the old man's son, and the date Sess. 1801. There is also an entry GBES from Sess. 1803. GBES means Gård Brug Enkes Son, he is the widows son. That indicates that his father died between the 1801 and 1803 sessions. Research into the parish records show that Niels Madsen Blyeberg was buried 20 Dec 1802.

Mikkel bliberg 1802.JPG

The 1802 Military levying list has him in the farm at Sundby, Stagstrup Parish. He is listed as 22 years old and 64 tommer (inches) tall.

Mikkel bliberg 1805.JPG

There is a notation on the right side of the list from the session of 1805 that says as of 27 Dec 1803 he has to help his mother run the farm. The farm is a fæstegaard, leased farm, and in order to meet the lease his services are required. He will be required to pay 30 riksdaller for each session he does not attend. Every levying list from 1802 through 1814 notes he pays 30 riksdallers.

It is also noted on the 1802 roll that during the 1805 session he is recorded that he becomes the fæste holder as of 3 January 1805 and is now a gaardmand. He is 25 years and 4 months old and a gaardmand, farm owner.

Mikkel bliberg 1814.JPG

He appears on all regular lists through 1814 when he is dropped from the military levying system due to age by the next listing. In 1814 he was listed as 34 years old so by the 1817 regular session he would be 37 and dropped from the levying system. His levying number, name and age are lined through to indicate he is no longer on the list.

His full name Mikkel Nielsen Blyeberg is also found on subsequent session rolls as the father of his sons when they are in the Military Levying System.