Danish Military Levying Rolls: Administration and Registration Process

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Denmark Gotoarrow.pngMilitary Levying RollsGotoarrow.pngThe Administration and Registration Process

Lægdsvæsenet (Administration over Military Registration)[edit | edit source]

The administration that managed the military registration system was organized into 4 levels. At the top sat the Generalkrigskommissær (the General War Commissioner) of the Danish Chancellery. Below him was a Krigskommisær (War Commissioner) over the lægd in several counties. Then a Lægdforstander (Lægds Superintendent) who was responsible for one or more lægd. At the bottom of the hierarchy was a Lægdsmand (a Local Representative) for each lægd.

The laegdsmand was a local farmer and often also the parish bailiff. He passed on notifications to the lægdsforstander, who was often lægdets squire. Starting in 1843, when the market towns were assigned their own lægdsnummer, the mayor also acted as the lægdsmand.

It was the laegdsmand who had the direct contact with the people who, together with the lægdsforstanderen, maintained the local rolls. They sent information up the system to the War Commissioner, who in turn forwarded them to the General War Commissioner in Copenhagen. Here was the supreme audit and control of lægdsrullerne. The same information is often found at several administrative levels.

In the mid 1800s the administration was changed. The lægdsforstandernes responsibility was in 1850 transferred to judicial officers instead of the War Commissioner appointed a udskrivningscher for each printing group. The General War Commissioner's position was abolished and the admistrative duties were transferred to the Justice Ministry and later in 1914 to the Interior Ministry.

Oversight of lægdsruller

Provincial Archives have rolls from the central printing authority to cover the whole country and end by regional and local authorities for printing Sealand, Lolland Falster and Bornholm. Rolls from the regional and local authorities for printing the rest of the country you'll find in one of the three other regional archives.

Administrative Level
Which Archive Houses Rolls
How Can I See The Rolls


Central Authorities

- 1851 General War Commissioner's Archive

1851 - 1914 Justice Minstry's Archive

1914 - Interior Ministry's Archive

Rolls from the entire country from 1789

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- 1851 District Archives

1851 - District Archives

Rolls from Copenhagen from 1847

Self Service Area

Rolls from other parts of Sjælland, Lolland-Falster / Bornholm

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- 1919 Legal Officer Archives (Dept M)

1919 - Police Chief Archives (Dept X)

Up until 1850 also county archives and private freight archives.

Rolls from Sjælland, Lolland-Falster and Bornholm

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Local Authorities

Archives are generally lost.
Archives are generally lost.

Registration Process[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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