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A biography is a history of a person's life. In a biography you may find the names of family members. Many brief biographies on Czech people have been published in collective works sometimes called biographical encyclopedias or dictionaries. These usually only include biographies of prominent or well-known Czech citizens. Some biographies focus on specific groups, such as military officers, artists or religious ministers. Due to the nature of compiling a biography, the information should be considered a secondary source. Use the information you find carefully because there may be mistakes.

The Family History Library has a great collection of Czech genealogical biographies. They are generally found by searching for the locality you need in the FamilySearch Catalog and choosing the topic Biography or Genealogy. Remember to check the catalog at multiple jurisdictional levels such as: the district, county, or country when you search for biographical information.

Some examples of Czech biographies are:

  • Biografický slovník českých zemí. (Biographical dictionary of the Czech lands) Praha:Libri, c2004-. (Family History Library International Book 943.71 D36b). 12 volumes have been published.
  • Biografický slovník Slezska a severní Moravy, (Biographical dictionary of Silesia and north Moravia.) Ostrava:Ostravská univerzita, c1993-2008.(Family History Library International Book 943.728 D36bi). 24 volumes have been published. Each volume is indexed.