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Family history societies often publish helpful journals, transcripts, compiled genealogies and host helpful websites. They may have ongoing projects to transcribe records and create indexes. Most societies publish queries in their journals and maintain lists of members’ research interests that may be helpful to you. You may want to join one of these societies, reap the benefits of their expertise and resources, or support its efforts.

Addresses of the societies are for the most part where their meetings are held as they are by-and-large not brick-and-mortar institutions.

Regional Societies[edit | edit source]

Clogher Historical Society (Cumann Seanchais Chlochair)
Newtownbutler Community Centre
3-5 Bridge St
Newtownbutler, Enniskillen
Fermanagh, Northern Ireland BT92 8EN UK
Telephone: 00353 47 71984
Website: Clogher Historical Society

Clogher Historical Society is a group of people and institutions who share a common interest in the local history of the southern border area, especially the diocese of Clogher. The Society promotes local history in the counties of Fermanagh, Monaghan, South Tyrone, and parts of South Donegal and West Louth.

O’Neill Country Historical Society (Cumann Staire Dhúiche Néill)
O’Neills GFC Community Sports Complex An Port Mór
Blackwatertown, Dungannon UK
Telephone: 078 0231 7337
Website: O’Neill Country Historical Society

Established in 1985, the O’Neill Country Historical Society is one of the foremost historical societies in Ireland. Its main aim is to research, record, and publish the history of that area along the valley of the River Blackwater which straddles the border between counties Armagh and Tyrone. It promotes knowledge and understanding of this area’s heritage and folklore through publications, lectures, and seminars, and interacts with other local historical groups and bodies with a view to promoting interest in our history.

Oral History Society (Northern Ireland)
Riddel Hall
Queen’s University Belfast
185 Stranmillis Road
Belfast BT9 5EE UK
Website: Oral History Society

Network representatives actively encourage and support the development and use of oral history in their own locality, and contribute an overview of this to an Annual Report. Covers Belfast and Counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, and Tyrone.

Ulster Archaeological Society
School of Natural and Built Environment
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN UK
Email #2:
Website: Ulster Archaeological Society
Website #2: Ulster Archaeological Society

The Ulster Archaeological Society is a charitable organisation open to anyone interested in archaeology and the wider study of our heritage particularly with regard to Ulster. Our members come from all walks of life and from all sections of the community, encompassing all ages from students to retirees; amateurs and professionals. We warmly welcome new members from Ireland and further afield.

Ulster Historical Foundation
The Corn Exchange
31 Gordon Street
Belfast BT1 2LG UK
Telephone: 028 9066 1988
Website: Ulster Historical Foundation

Ulster Historical Foundation is a not-for-profit educational charity, founded in 1956, with the simple yet important mission to tell the story of the people of the nine counties of Ulster. The Foundation seeks to disseminate heritage and cultural knowledge and to generate and provide the research and educational resources necessary to support individuals, families, groups, educators, and global diasporas in understanding the history of Ulster.

Tyrone Societies[edit | edit source]

Cappagh Historical Society
Erganagh Church Hall
Glenpark Road
Gortnagarn, Omagh UK
Email #2:
Email #3:
Website: Cappagh Historical Society
Website #2: Cappagh Historical Society
Website #3: Cappagh Historical Society

Cappagh Historical Society is a local group based to the north of Omagh, County Tyrone and seeks to promote and preserve the culture of the area.

Cookstown Local History Group
Killymoon Golf Club
200 Killymoon Rd
Cookstown BT80 8TW UK
Website: Cookstown Local History Group

Donaghmore Historical Society
Donaghmore Heritage Centre
Pomeroy Road
Donaghmore BT70 3HG UK
Telephone: 028 8776 1475
Website: Donaghmore Historical Society
Website #2: Donaghmore Historical Society

The Object of the Society is the study of and encouragement of public interest in the history, folklore, archaeology, and antiquities of the region in and around Donaghmore.

Glenelly Historical Society
Plumbridge BT79 8D UK
Website: Glenelly Historical Society
Website #2: Glenelly Historical Society

Killeeshil and Clonaneese Historical Society
Killymaddy Centre
190 Ballygawley Road
Dungannon BT70 1TF UK
Telephone: 077 02844878
Website: Killeeshil and Clonaneese Historical Society
Website #2: Killeeshil and Clonaneese Historical Society

Killeeshil and Clonaneese Historical Society is organised for the purpose to safeguard and promote the heritage of Killeeshil and Clonaneese. The objective of the society is to discover, collect, and preserve documents and materials relevant to the history of Killeeshil and Clonaneese. The society aims to awaken interest in Killeeshil and Clonaneese Historical studies and bring together people of different traditions and backgrounds in order to record history, understand history, and make history.

Muintirevlin Historical Society
Coyle’s Cottage
Anneterbeg, Kinturk UK
Telephone: 028 86737634
Website: Muintirevlin Historical Society

Muintirevlin Historical Society was founded in 1997 and is opened to all who have an interest in local history, the safeguarding of places of interest, and the natural environment. It is based in a 200 year old fisherman’s mud cottage with a traditional thatch roof close to Lough Neagh and the world famous Ardboe high cross. We offer individuals and groups the chance to explore local history, traditional music story telling, traditional crafts, and local heritage.

Rock and District Historical Society
Old School in the Rock
Telephone: 028 86764188
Website: Rock and District Historical Society

The Rock and District Historical Society in County Tyrone is established to advance public education through the promotion, development, and dissemination of knowledge of the history, folklore, traditional crafts, and antiquities of the Rock and environs.

Stewartstown and District Local History Society
Crieve Centre
2 Hillhead
The Square
Stewartstown BT71 5HY UK
Telephone: 028 87722260
Website: Stewartstown and District Local History Society

Founded in the early 1980s, the society is one of the longest established local history societies in Northern Ireland.

Strabane History Society
Community Library
Abercorn Square
Strabane UK
Telephone: 028 71885896
Website: Strabane History Society
Website #2: Strabane History Society

The Strabane History Society was founded in December 1989 at the local Teachers’ Centre by a small group of local teachers to further their interest and knowledge of the history of Strabane and district.

West Tyrone Historical Society
Ulster American Folk Park
2 Mellon Road
Castletown, Omagh BT78 5QU UK
Website: West Tyrone Historical Society
Website #2: West Tyrone Historical Society

The Objectives of the Society are the study and encouragement of public interest in the history, folklore, archaeology, and antiquities of the area, and the publication of occasional research papers on the above topics and the establishment of a society archive.