County Sligo Civil Parishes

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A map of the Civil Parishes of County Sligo is available at Irish Times site.

A map of the Catholic Parishes of County Sligo is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish - Church of Ireland

Barony Poor Law Union Catholic Parish[1] Catholic Diocese[1]
Achonry Leyny Tobercurry Clonacool; Achonary and Curry Achonry
Aghanagh Tirerrill Boyle Aghanagh Elphin
Ahamlish Carbury Sligo Ahamlish Elphin
Ballynakill Tirerrill Sligo Sowey, Riverstown Elphin
Ballysadare Leyny Sligo Ballysadare and Kilvarnet


Ballysadare Tirerrill Sligo
Ballysadare Tirerrill Tobercurry
Ballysumaghan Tirerrill Sligo Sowey, Riverstown Elpin
Calry Carbury Sligo Sligo Elpin
Castlecomer Tireragh Dromore West Castleconor Killala
Castleconor Tireragh Ballina Castleconor
Castleconor Tireragh Dromore West
Cloonoghil Corran Tobercurry Kilshalvey, Kilturra, and Cloonoghill Achonry
Dromard Tireragh Dromore West Skeen and Dromard Killala
Drumcliff Carbury Sligo Drumcliff Elphin
Drumcolumb Tirerrill Boyle Riverstown
Drumcolumb Tirerrill Sligo
Drumrat Corran Boyle Drumrat Achrony
Easky Tireragh Dromore West Easky; Kilglass Killala
Emlaghfad Corran Boyle Emlefad and Kilmorgan


Emlaghfad Corran Sligo
Emlaghfad Corran Tobercurry
Kilcolman Coolavin Boyle Castlemore and Kilcolman Achrony
Kilfree Coolavin Boyle Kilfree and Killaraught Achrony
Kilglass Tireragh Dromore West Kilglass Killala
Killadoon Tirerrill Boyle Geevagh Elphin
Killaraght Coolavin Boyle Killfree and Killaraught Achrony
Killaspugbrone Carbury Sligo Sligo Elphin
Killerry Tirerrill Sligo Killenumerry and Ballintogher Ardagh
Killoran Leyny Sligo Killoran
Killoran Leyny Tobercurry
Kilmacallan Tirerrill Boyle Riverstown
Kilmacallan Tirerrill Sligo
Kilmacowen Carbury Sligo Sligo Elphin
Kilmacshalgan Tireragh Dromore West Kilmacshalgen Killala
Kilmacteige Leyny Tobercurry Kilmacteige Achrony
Kilmactranny Tirerrill Boyle Geevagh Elphin
Kilmoremoy Tireragh Ballina Killmoremoy Killala
Kilmorgan Corran Sligo Emlefad and Kilmorgan Achrony
Kilross Tirerrill Sligo Sowey Elphin
Kilshalvy Corran Boyle Kilshalvey, Kilturra and Cloonoghill
Kilshalvy Corran Tobercurry
Kilturra Corran Tobercurry Kilshalvey, Kilturra and Cloonoghill Achrony
Kilvarnet Leyny Tobercurry Balysodare and Kilvarnet Achrony
Rossinver Carbury Sligo Rossinver Kilmore
Shancough Tirerrill Boyle Geevagh Elphin
Skreen Tireragh Dromore West Skreen and Dromard Killala
St. Johns Carbury Sligo Sligo Elphin
Tawnagh Tirerrill Sligo Riverstown Elphin
Templeboy Tireragh Dromore West Templeboy and Kilmacshalgan Killala
Toomour Carran Sligo
Drumrat, Toomore

Toomour Corran Boyle
Toomour Corran Sligo


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