County Carlow Civil Parishes

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A map of the Civil Parishes of County Carlow is available at Irish Times site.

A map of the Catholic Parishes of County Carlow is available at the Irish Times site.

Civil Parish - Church of Ireland

Barony Poor Law Union Catholic Parish[1] Catholic Diocese[1]
Agha Idrone East Carlow Leighlinbridge Leighlin
Aghade Forth Carlow Ballon
Aghade Forth Enniscorthy
Ardoyne Forth Carlow Conmore Leighlin
Ardoyne Rathvilly Shillelagh
Ardristan Rathvilly Carlow Tullow Leighlin
Ballinacarrig Carlow Carlow Tinryland Leighlin
Ballon Forth Carlow Ballon Leighlin
Ballycrogue Carlow Carlow Tinryland Leighlin
Ballyellin Forth Carlow Bagenalstown Leighlin
Ballyellin Idrone East Carlow
Ballyellin Idrone East New Ross
Ballyellin Idrone West Carlow
Ballyellin St. Mullin's Lower New Ross
Baltinglass Rathvilly Baltinglass Baltinglass Leighlin
Barragh Forth Carlow Clonegal Leighlin
Barragh Forth Enniscorthy
Barragh St. Mullin's Upper Shillelagh
Carlow Carlow Carlow Carlow Leighlin
Clonmelsh Carlow Carlow Leighlinbridge Leighlin
Clonmore Rathvilly Shillelagh Clonmore Leighlin
Clonygoose Idrone East Carlow part Borris, part Bagenalstown Leighlin
Cloydagh Carlow Carlow Leighlinbridge Leighlin
Cloydagh Idrone West Carlow
Crecrin Rathvilly Shillelagh Clonmore Leighlin
Dunleckny Idrone East Carlow Bagenalstown Leighlin
Fennagh Forth Carlow part Myshall; part Ballon Leighlin
Fennagh Idrone East Carlow
Fennagh Rathvilly Carlow
Gilbertstown Forth Carlow Ballon Leighlin
Grangeford Carlow Carlow Tullow Leighlin
Hacketstown Rathvilly Shillelagh Hacketstown Leighlin
Haroldstown Rathvilly Shillelagh Hacketstown Leighlin
Kellistown Carlow Carlow Ballon Leighlin
Kellistown Forth Carlow
Killerrig Carlow Carlow part Tullowphelim; part Leighlinbridge Leighlin
Killinane Idrone East Carlow Leighlinbridge Leighlin
Killinane Idrone West Carlow
Kiltegan Rathvilly Baltinglass Hacketstown Leighlin
Kiltennell Idrone East Carlow Borris Leighlin
Kiltennell Idrone East New Ross
Kineagh Rathvilly Baltinglass part of Castledermot Dublin
Lorum Idrone East Carlow Bagenalstown Leighlin
Moyacomb St. Mullin's Upper Carlow Clonegal Ferns
Moyacomb St. Mullin's Upper Shillelagh
Myshall Forth Carlow Myshall Leighlin
Myshall Idrone East Carlow
Nurney Carlow Carlow Bagenalstown Leighlin
Nurney Forth Carlow
Nurney Idrone East Carlow
Oldleighlin Idrone West Carlow Leighlinbridge Leighlin
Painestown Carlow Carlow Carlow Leighlin
Rahill Rathvilly Baltinglass Rathvilly Leighlin
Rathmore Rathvilly Baltinglass Rathvilly Leighlin
Rathvilly Rathvilly Baltinglass Rathvilly Leighlin
Sliguff Idrone East Carlow part Borris; part Bagenalstown Leighlin
St. Mullin's Bantry New Ross St. Mullins Leighlin
St. Mullin's St. Mullin's Lower New Ross
Straboe Rathvilly Baltinglass Rathvilly Leighlin
Templepeter Forth Carlow Ballon Leighlin
Tullowcreen Idrone West Carlow Leighlinbridge Leighlin
Tullowmagimma Carlow Carlow Tinryland Leighlin
Tullowmagimma Forth Carlow
Tullowphelim Rathvilly Carlow Tullow Leighlin
Ullard Idrone East Carlow Graignamanagh Leighlin
Ullard St. Mullin's Lower New Ross
Urglin Carlow Carlow part Tullow; part Tinryland Leighlin
Wells Idrone West Carlow Leighlinbridge Leighlin


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