County Armagh Civil Parishes

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  • A map of the Civil Parishes of County Armagh is available at Irish Times site.
  • A map of the Catholic Parishes of County Armagh is available at the Irish Times site.
Civil Parish - Church of Ireland
Poor Law Union
Catholic Parish[1]
Catholic Diocese[1]
Armagh Armagh Armagh Armagh Armagh
Armagh Oneilland West Armagh
Ballymore Orior Lower Banbridge Ballymore and Mullaghbrack Armagh
Ballymore Orior Lower Newry
Ballymyre Fews Upper Newry Loughgilly Armagh
Carncastle Upper Glenarm Armagh
Clonfeacle Armagh Armagh Clonfeacle Armagh
Clonfeacle Oneilland West Armagh
Creggan Fews Upper Castleblayney Creggam Upper Armagh
Creggan Fews Upper Dundalk
Derrynoose Armagh Armagh Derrynoose Armagh
Derrynoose Armagh Lurgan
Derrynoose Tiranny Armagh
Drumcree Oneilland West Lurgan Portadown Armagh
Eglish Armagh Armagh Eglish Armagh
Eglish Tiranny Armagh
Forkill Orior Lower Newry Forkhill Armagh
Forkill Orior Upper Castleblayney
Forkill Orior Upper Newry
Grange Armagh Armagh Armagh Armagh
Grange Oneilland West Armagh
Jonesborough Orior Upper Newry
Keady Armagh Armagh Derrynoose Armagh
Keady Tiranny Armagh
Kilclooney Fews Lower Armagh Ballymacnab Armagh
Kilclooney Orior Lower Armagh
Killevy Orior Lower Newry Killeavy; Dromintee Armagh
Killevy Orior Upper Newry
Killyman Oneilland West Armagh Dungannon Armagh
Kilmore Oneilland West Armagh Kilmore Armagh
Kilmore Orior Lower Banbridge
Layd Lower Glenarm Ballycastle
Lisnadill Armagh Armagh Ballymacnab Armagh
Lisnadill Fews Lower Armagh
Lisnadill Fews Upper Armagh
Loughgall Armagh Armagh Loughgall and Tartaraghan Armagh
Loughgall Oneilland West Armagh
Loughgilly Fews Lower Armagh Loughgilly Armagh
Loughgilly Lower Orior Newry
Loughgilly Orior Lower Banbridge
Loughgilly Orior Lower Newry
Loughgilly Orior Upper Newry
Magheralin Oneilland East Lurgan Magheralin, Moira, and Aughalee Dromore
Montiaghs Oneilland East Lurgan Seagoe Dromore
Montiaghs Oneilland West Lurgan
Mullaghbrack Fews Lower Armagh Ballymore and Mullaghbrack Armagh
Mullaghbrack Oneilland West Banbridge
Newry Oneilland West Armagh Newry Newry and Mounre
Newry Orior Upper Newry
Newtownhamilton Fews Upper Castleblayney Lower Creggan Armagh
Seagoe Oneilland East Lurgan Seagoe or Derrymacash; part Portdown Dromore
Shankill Oneilland East Lurgan Lurgan Dromore
Tartaraghan Oneilland East Armagh Loughgall and Tartaraghan Armagh
Tartaraghan Oneilland West Armagh
Tartaraghan Oneilland West Lurgan
Tynan Armagh Armagh Tynan Armagh
Tynan Tiranny Armagh
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