Converting Old FHL Film Numbers to Current Numbers

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has used three numbering systems for its films. For an explanation of what each system looked like, see Old Book and Film Numbers Used by the Family History Library.

This article will explain how to find a current film number from an old number.

To determine what the current number for an old or a red number: [edit][edit | edit source]

Step 1[edit | edit source]

Find the old number in the following films or in green books called Microfilm Numbers (List of All Film Call Numbers in the Genealogical Society from 1938-1958). These are arranged by the first film numbers and give the second (red) numbers.


Step 2[edit | edit source]

With the red number from the green book (1938 - 1958), type: Old microfilm number conversion on the wiki search engine OR

1. Go to the DOS version of the FamilySearch Catalog,

2. Select Film/Fiche Search.

3. Type C.

4. Type the old (red) film number.

5. Type the part number if applicable.

6. The current film number will be shown under Converted to Film Number.

Films with the Old Film Numbers List (Old Locality Film Shelf List):[edit | edit source]

Current               Old Film 

Film #s               Numbers

470962                F F.H. 1-2207

                          F Gen. Hist. 1-11

                          F Am. Pub. A to F Fla. S2

470963               F Ga. pt. 1 to F La. W2a 

470964               F Me. 1 to F N.C. Y2

470965               F N.D. 1 to F Vt. W37a

470966               F Va. Pub. A to F Wyo W2

Example: If you found an old number F Vt. W 25a pt. 2, in the green books called List of All Film Call Numbers in the Genealociacal Society (US & Can 026 G28) (or on film), you would find that the red number was 7079. The part number (pt. 2) would stay the same for the red number. Then go to the old DOS version of the FamilySearch Catalog.

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