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Personal names starting with Christ- are sometimes written using X- in the same way that Christmas is written Xmas. There are three variants: X replacing Christ, Chris, or Chri. Examples:

Xian, Xtian, Xstian for Christian
Xina, Xtina, Xstina for Christina
Xoph, Xtoph, Xstoph for Christoph
Xopher, Xtopher, Xstopher for Christopher

Occasionally, and then primarily in England, X- may be written Xp-. Examples:

Xpian, Xptian, Xpstian for Christian
Xpina for Christina
Xpoph, Xptoph for Christoph
Xpopher, Xptopher, Xpstopher for Christopher

This abbreviation stems from the historical use of Latin in Catholic churches, and applies to both given names and surnames. It is found primarily in historical records of Germany, England and, notably, Isle of Man. Within Germany, the abbreviation is most often found in records of Saxony.

The most frequent occurence of Xian in historical records, however, is a Chinese surname written in English. The surname Xian appears in thousands of United State public records from the latter 21st Century. Chinese names are written with the surname first, and often the surname is indexed as a given name.

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