Chester Poor Law Union, Cheshire Genealogy

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Constituent Parishes
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Chester Cathedral Church Precinct, Cheshire Genealogy, Chester Christ Church, Cheshire Genealogy, Chester Holy Trinity, Cheshire Genealogy, Chester Little St John, Cheshire Genealogy, Chester St Bridget, Cheshire Genealogy
Chester St John the Baptist, Cheshire Genealogy, Chester St Mary on the Hill, Cheshire Genealogy, Chester St Michael with St Olave, Cheshire Genealogy, Chester St Oswald, Cheshire Genealogy, Chester St Paul, Cheshire Genealogy, Chester St Peter,Cheshire

Backford, Cheshire Genealogy includes Caughall,Chorlton by Backford, Lea by Backford, Mollington Tarrant

Christleton, Cheshire Genealogy includes Littleton,

Claverton, Cheshire Genealogy

Dodleston, Cheshire Genealogy includes Lower Kinnerton

Eccleston, Cheshire Genealogy

Ince, Cheshire Genealogy

Pulford, Cheshire Genealogy

Shotwick, Cheshire Genealogy includes Capenhurst, Great and Little Saughall  Woodbank

Shotwick Park, Cheshire Genealogy extra parochial

Stanlow, Cheshire Genealogy

Great Stanney, Cheshire Genealogy

Stoak or Stoke, Cheshire Genealogy

Thornton le Moors, Cheshire Genealogy includes Durham on the Hill, Elton, Hapsford, Wimbolds Trafford

These villages and hamlets are amongst the eccelsiatical parishes above which as civil parishes were in the union:
Bache, Great Boughton, Churton, Croughton, Newton by Chester,Wervin  see Chester St Oswald, Cheshire Genealogy

Blacon cum Crabwall part of Chester Holy Trinity, Cheshire Genealogy,

 Hoole see part Chester Christ Church, Cheshire Genealogy part Chester St John the Baptist, Cheshire Genealogy

 Marston cum Lache, Mollington, Mollington Banastre,Moston, Upton by Chester see Chester St Mary on-the-Hill, Cheshire

 Picton, Poulton,   Bridge Trafford, Mickle Trafford,  see Plemstall, Cheshire Genealogy

Records[edit | edit source]

• Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service, Cheshire Record Office, Duke Street, Chester, Cheshire CH1 1RL. Holdings include: Inmates lists (1875-1954); Births (1914-43); Burials and graves in Union cemetery (1882-1900)

• Burne, R.V.H. (1965) The Treatment of the Poor in the Eighteenth Century in Chester (Journal of the Chester and North Wales Architectural and Historic Society, lii, 44-48.)
• Handley, M (2007) Poor Law Administration in the Chester Local Act Incorporation, 1834-71 (in Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, vol.156).
• Hemingway, J. (1831) History of the City of Chester
• Lewis, C Building Cheshire's First Workhouse (in Chesire History, vol 38, 1998-9
• Utting, EJ (1969) The Working of the Poor Law in Chester in Tudor Times (A thesis for the degree of B. Phil. in Local History, presented to Liverpool University)

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For more information on the history of the workhouse, see Peter Higginbotham's web site: and for maps and images for the Union sites.