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Finishing creating categories[edit source]

When you created the Category:Location FamilySearch Historical Records, you did not quite finish it. I hope I can explain this clearly. All the categories have to link up the very top. So when you created that category, you have to put it into a category that already exists before you have finished the job. Otherwise, your new category shows up written in red. Red means a broken link. It also sends your new category to a "oops" list called "Wanted categories" where a missionary will add that final category that you left off. The problem there is they might not put it where you wanted it.

For example, to finish Category:Location FamilySearch Historical Records and get it off the "Wanted categories list", I put it into the most logical already-created category I could think of--Category:FamilySearch Historical Records. You might want it somewhere else entirely. Feel free to change it. But next time you create a category, try to put it into the already-created category that you really want it in. Otherwise, a missionary might put it in the wrong category, and you won't even know it.

I hope this makes any sense whatsoever! Write to me at if I have completely confused you!!!Hanna5974 02:05, 24 February 2016 (UTC)