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Re-categorizing[edit source]

I added the {{Verylarge}} template to this cat to encourage re-categorizing into sub-cats, the "very large" maintenance category was suppressed as the re-categorization does not need to be addressed immediately and it would probably be handled better by those wishing to take their time and look up each of the tribes and add them to the correct sub-cats rather than someone just trying to clear out the cat to complete a maintenance task.

Ideally the tribes should be added to all the states with which they currently live or have lived in the past. If they lived in Canada or Mexico as well they should also be added to the category:Indians of Canada or category:Indians of Mexico.

Many tribes are already in sub-cats, however, they may need to be added to additional states and/or the Indians of Canada or Mexico categories.

Lotje2 20:15, 21 July 2012 (UTC)